CarboAir Pro 60 Carbon Filter

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The CarboAir Pro 60 Carbon Filter is ideal for medium-sized hydroponic grow spaces or tents. They are top-notch products manufactured to SystemAir’s exacting standards.

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CarboAir Pro 60 Carbon Filter

The CarboAir Pro 60 Carbon Filter is ideal for medium-sized hydroponic grow spaces or tents. They are top-notch products manufactured to SystemAir’s exacting standards.

CarboAir uses carbon coarser than average and excellent quality to provide outstanding contact time while removing unwanted smells and maintaining unequalled airflow levels from the fan.

Airflow rates should have your serious attention simply because they are a significant aspect of your grow room setup. If too much ”drag” is generated by your carbon filter, your extraction process won’t operate correctly, moving a lot less air through the grow space.  The area temperature will increase, which negatively affects the CO2 replacement levels, most likely stall photosynthesis activity and curtail your plants’ proper growth.

You will need to use a good carbon filter that’s the ideal match for your duct fan. The CarboAir Pro 60 Carbon Filter includes several features and attributes, and these include:

  • Provides superb efficiency levels at rated airflows for a minimum of 1.5 years
  • Gets rid of growing area odours whilst not smothering your fans’ power
  • Machine washable pre-filter sleeve included and pre-fitted
  • Perfect for pairing with Revolution fans
  • Hand-built to a high quality and endorsed by Systemair
  • CarboAir 60s are superb matches for fans with higher airflow ratings.
  • This filter is excellent for mid-sized growing rooms.

Many plant species can produce odours that will be extremely difficult to stop. CarboAir 60s deliver a further level of security for your total confidence.

Why Do I Need a Carbon Filter?

The extractor fan in your growing space removes hot, stale air and excessive moisture content from your grow area and instead draws fresh air in, regulating the ecosystem and replacing CO2. If you produce crops with strong, unwelcome odours, you will want to cleanse that air first before venting it to an outside point.  The filter connects to your duct fan, and the air draws through an exterior layer of meshing, then along an internal tier of carbon until moving through your extraction setup. It’s at that point it will leave cleansed and without any odours.

How Do I Use the CarboAir Pro 60 Carbon Filter?

Carbon filters should match the fan they’re to be used in conjunction with, regarding the size of the exit and the airflow rate. If the airflow rating of your duct fan is too high for the filter, the air might well flow through it too quickly to clean correctly.

Before use, you ought to take off the synthetic wrapper from the drum that has been pre-fitted on the carbon filter. Your CarboAir Pro 60 Carbon Filter needs positioning within or as near as possible to your grow area or grow tent and plugged into your extractor duct fan with ducting and duct clips, or using a fast clamp that connects the carbon filter and the fan.

Irrespective of the attachment method, it’s crucial that all the joins are air-tight for the fan and carbon filter set up to do the job proficiently.

The outside of the filter should not be covered or blocked because this will diminish the filter’s efficiency. Smaller carbon filters and fans are typically fitted into growing tents and grow areas by hanging them from bars or the ceiling. They take up significantly less space, eliminating the warmest air, which would likely be at the top.  Position larger filters too big to hang on the floor.

Having installed both the carbon filter and fan in the growing area, you should run ducting from the outlet side of the extractor fan to outside the grow room. CarboAir carbon filters are designed to be mounted to the extractor fan’s intake side and must not be attached to the outlet side. Or in other words, air should be drawn through them and never blown out. If air blows through them, they will be inefficient and even damaged internally.

The dust filter around the exterior must always be taken off and cleaned when it gets grubby to sustain an even airflow. You should be aware that dampness degrades the efficiency of carbon filters. Humidity is their foe and renders them ineffectual at doing away with odours, reducing the filter’s lifespan considerably. Therefore you should always make sure you keep humidity at a sensible range (around 40% to 60% or preferably less), and the carbon filter will benefit, and your plants will thrive much better.


Max Airflow Rates:

  • 150mm x 660mm: 1350 m3/h
  • 200mm x 660mm: 1700 m3/h
  • 200mm x 1000mm: 2250 m3/h
  • 250mm x 660mm: 2000 m3/h
  • 250mm x 1000mm: 3100 m3/h
  • 315mm x 660mm: 2450 m3/h
  • 315mm x 1000mm: 3600 m3/h
  • 315mm x 1200mm: 4250 m3/h

How Do I Buy the CarboAir Pro 60 6-inch 150mm x 660mm Carbon Filter?

You can easily buy the CarboAir Pro 60 Carbon Filter from our online shop.

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