Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter

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Embrace the Rhino Hobby Filter for your indoor gardening needs. This compact, durable filter employs Australian RC412 carbon, the world’s finest, for exceptional air purification. Its unique features, like an invertible duct-coupling end, extend its lifespan to provide around two years of quality service. Ideal for hobby growers, the filter’s wide range of sizes ensures compatibility with any ventilation fan. Enhance your hydroponic setup with the Rhino Hobby Filter for cleaner, fresher air for your plants.

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Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter: A Budget-Friendly, Long-Lasting Solution for Indoor Growers

Immerse yourself in the efficient world of the Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter, a budget-friendly, durable filtration solution tailored for indoor gardening enthusiasts. Providing approximately two years of exceptional service, the Rhino Hobby Filter ensures your grow room or tent benefits from high-quality ventilation at a cost-effective price.

Uncompromised Quality with Prolonged Lifespan

While the Rhino Hobby Filter is a more budget-conscious option, it does not compromise on quality. The filter utilises premium Australian carbon, ensuring effective and efficient air purification for your indoor gardening setup. A unique feature of this filter is its invertible duct-coupling end and swappable base, designed to distribute wear evenly. By inverting the filter every 8 to 12 weeks, you can maximise its lifespan, generally between 9 and 12 months, ensuring consistent service throughout its life.

Key Attributes and Features

  • Affordable Solution from a Trusted Brand: Rhino Filters is a respected name in air filtration. Their commitment to affordability and quality is evident in the Rhino Hobby Filter.
  • Invertible Duct-Coupling End: Prolongs the filter’s lifespan and ensures consistent performance.
  • Lasts 9 to 12 Months with Regular Inversion: Reliable filtration over the long term.
  • Eliminates Particles and Odours: Ensures plants have a clean, fresh environment.
  • 100% RC412 Australian Carbon: Considered the world’s best carbon, it guarantees optimal air purification.
  • Aluminum Housing: Combines durability and compactness.
  • Variety of Sizes: Suitable for all ventilation fans, allowing for customisation based on your specific needs.
  • Ideal for Hobby Hydroponics Cultivators: Specially designed for home-based growers.

How the Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter Works

The Rhino Hobby Filter employs a fine granular form of “activated carbon” housed within an aluminium casing. The activated carbon is highly porous, providing a large surface area relative to its size. This property lets it cleanse and deodorise the air passing through it effectively.

Primarily, the air is pulled into the Rhino Hobby Filter by a compatible fan, passing first through a cleanable dirt sleeve. This sleeve filters out dirt, dust, and large debris, preventing clogging of the main filter component. The air then flows through a tightly packed layer of virgin activated carbon. As the air traverses this layer, odours and pollutants are absorbed and removed, resulting in clean, odour-free air.

How to Use the Rhino Hobby Filter

When using the Rhino Hobby Filter, matching it with a compatible fan is crucial based on the diameter and airflow rate. If the fan’s airflow rate exceeds the filter’s capacity, the air might pass through too quickly for sufficient cleaning.

Installation is a simple process. Before use, remove the plastic cover, and attach the included dust filter sleeve on the outside. After adjusting the duct coupler, install the filter inside or near your growing area and connect it to your extractor fan using ducting. It’s essential to ensure all joints are airtight for efficient operation.


Recommended Products

  • Cyclone Ducting Booster Fan: This high-performing fan enhances your Rhino Hobby Filter’s efficiency by ensuring optimised and consistent airflow. Designed for durability, it constantly provides fresh, clean air to your plants. When used alongside the Rhino Hobby Filter, it creates a robust, reliable ventilation system that can handle even the most demanding hydroponic setup effectively.
  • Combi Ducting: Pairing your Rhino Hobby Filter with Combi Ducting ensures smooth, unrestricted airflow. Its design focuses on durability and flexibility, making it resistant to wear and tear while maintaining peak performance. The Rhino Hobby Filter and Combi Ducting form a seamless connection for efficient air filtration and delivery.
  • Duct Clips: Essential for securing your hydroponic setup, duct clips guarantee a tight, leak-proof connection between your Rhino Hobby Filter, the Cyclone Ducting Booster Fan, and the Combi Ducting. They simplify installation and maintenance, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your ventilation system. With these clips, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your air filtration setup is secure and functional.
  • Lightweight Rope Ratchets: These ratchets are a valuable addition to any grower’s toolkit. They offer a simple, reliable solution for hanging and adjusting your Rhino Hobby Filter and other equipment. Adjusting height and position with these ratchets allows maximum flexibility in your setup, ensuring optimal air circulation.

Combining these products with your Rhino Hobby Filter provides an unbeatable value-for-money ventilation system, delivering optimal air purification and circulation for your hydroponic garden. They ensure cleaner air for your plants and a hassle-free and enjoyable gardening experience for you.

The Rhino Hobby Filter is a cost-effective, long-lasting solution for indoor growers. Combined with recommended products like the Cyclone Ducting Booster Fan, Combi Ducting, Duct Clips and Rope Ratchets, you’ll experience an efficient, effective ventilation system for your hydroponic setup.

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