Cyclone Clip Fan 150mm (6″)


The Cyclone Clip Fan 150mm (6″) is a convenient, multi-use fan ideal for use as a circulating fan in a hydroponic system grow tent or grow room.

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Cyclone Clip Fan 150mm (6″)

The Cyclone Clip Fan 150mm (6″) is a convenient, multi-use circulating fan ideal for hydroponic grow rooms or tents.

Good airflow is essential to the healthy running of any hydroponic system, preventing a lack of CO2, poor growth of plants and the chance of disease taking hold of your crop.

Plants growing outdoors benefit from gentle breezes, circulating air, and occasional strong winds. We must emulate these things within our growing area as much as possible. We control things like temperature and humidity inside the grow tent and simulate natural sunlight with grow lamps. In the same way, we should also provide controlled air circulation. Adding this small fan can make a difference by bringing a gentle breeze and fresh air to the environment.

This Clip Fan offers some useful attributes and features, including the following:

  • Circulates air gently around your grow room or grow tent
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • 2-speed settings
  • Precise control over the direction of airflow
  • Very quiet when running
  • 15w power

This product is very popular for use with indoor grow tents. Your grow room will need a fan all year round to provide good air circulation and maintain safe temperature and humidity levels. A fan like this is a highly affordable and accessible option for beginners and growers who may be less experienced.

How To Use?

This Clip Fan is a circulatory air fan, not to be confused with the more powerful extractor fans, which move large volumes of air from one area to another as part of the growing space’s ventilation system. It is a stand-alone product, does not require any fan controller and is easily installed within any hydroponic grow space or tent. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Where Can I Buy the Cyclone Clip Fan 150mm (6″)?

You can easily buy a Cyclone Clip Fan from our website.

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