CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter

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The CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter is perfect for experienced hydroponics growers; these filters are great for larger hydroponic grow rooms and tents.

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CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter

The CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter is perfect for experienced hydroponics growers; these filters are great for larger hydroponic grow rooms and tents. They are superior quality goods, and of course, they’re manufactured to SystemAir’s high standards, as expected from the producers of the widely used and reputable RVK and Revolution fans.

The manufacturer uses carbon, which is considerably more coarse-grained than average and incredibly high quality—creating the best contact duration, taking away unwelcome odours, and maintaining excellent airflow from your duct fan.

The CarboAir 100 Carbon Filters could be the ultimate level of carbon filter. Manufactured to treat vast quantities of air and odour, they double-filter the air before leaving the grow room. It’s the ultimate in extraction and air filtration if you want maximum reassurance that no odours might escape.

Airflow rates deserve your critical deliberation because they are essential to your growing area arrangement. In cases where an excessive amount of ‘drag’ occurs because of the filter, your ventilation setup isn’t going to operate as intended, and you’ll end up moving far less air through your grow space than would be best.

Because of this, the area temperature will likely rise, and carbon dioxide levels will not be replenished effectively. When this happens, it will slow the process of photosynthesis and limit your crop’s growth. Therefore, you will want to care for your healthy climate to enable your plants to succeed in a bountiful harvest. You want a reputable carbon filter that is just the right match for your duct fan.

The CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter incorporates several interesting features, and these include the following:

  • Sustains outstanding efficiency output at the rated airflows for not less than a year and a half
  • It kills growing room odours stone dead without suppressing your fans’ potency
  • Hand-built to a very high standard and recommended by Systemair
  • Machine cleanable pre-filter sleeve provided and pre-fitted
  • It couples nicely with Revolution fans

CarboAir 100s are strictly for the dedicated large-scale advanced cultivators; these filters deal with exceptionally high volumes of air and incredibly high odour concentrations, making them the perfect complement to the most potent duct fans on the market.

These excellent filters benefit hydroponics growers operating on a large scale or double-filtering the air before leaving the room. You will want significant pressure levels within your fan to work with a CarboAir 100, and this filter can manage the most rigorous conditions conceivable without any difficulty.

Why Do I Need a Carbon Filter?

The extractor fan in your growing area eliminates hot, stale air and surplus humidity from your grow area and instead sucks new air in, maintaining the local environment and replacing carbon dioxide. If you produce crops with unwanted smells, you will need to clean this air before venting it to an outside point.

The carbon filter connects to your extractor fan, and the air gets sucked through an outer tier of mesh and then through an enclosed carbon bed before passing out of the removal setup. The air finally will leave fresh and free of any smells.

Find out more with our article, “How to Best Filter your Hydroponic Grow Room“.

How Do I Use the CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter?

Carbon filters need to be compatible with the duct fan paired, concerning the venting size and airflow level. If the airflow rating of your duct fan is too much for the carbon filter, the air will probably move through too fast for adequate cleansing.

Before use, you should remove the plastic wrap from the outside of the drum, pre-fitted on the filter.

Your CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter will need installing within or as close to your grow area or grow tent and plugged into your extractor duct fan by ducting and duct clips or with a fast clamp that connects the filter and the fan with each other. All joints must be air-tight for the fan and carbon filter system to work efficiently.

The outside of the filter shouldn’t be covered or impeded, as this can decrease the filter’s efficiency. Small-sized filters and duct fans typically integrate into grow tents and grow rooms by hanging them from bars or ceilings. They take up much less space this way, and they clear away the hottest air, which would be at the top of the area.

Place sizeable carbon filters too large and burdensome for suspending on the floor. Once the fan and filter are in place, fit one end of the ducting to the extractor fan outlet and the other to the outside wall of your grow space to remove the air.

Fit CarboAir filters to the intake side of your extractor fan, not the outlet side. Air has to be drawn through them and never blown out of them. Blowing air out through the filter will make it inadequate and damage it internally. The dust filter around the exterior should always be taken off and cleaned whenever it gets dirty to sustain a healthy airflow.

Be aware that moisture damages the efficiency of carbon filters. High humidity is their enemy and renders them ineffectual at getting rid of nasty smells, decreasing the lifespan expectation of the carbon filter by a noticeable measure. As a result, you should always keep humidity at a sensible range (somewhere around 40% to 60% or ideally lower). Your filter will experience the benefits, and your crop will be healthier.


Max Airflow Rates for CarboAir 100:

  • 200mm x 660mm: 2550m3/h
  • 250mm x 660mm: 3800m3/h
  • 250mm x 1000mm: 5800m3/h
  • 315mm x 660mm: 4250m3/h
  • 315mm x 1000mm: 6900m3/h

How Do I Buy a CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter?

You can buy the CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter without difficulty from our site here.

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