Vitalink PlantStart

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Vitalink Plant Start is a unique one-part nutrient feed that has been designed to give plants the very best possible start in life. It is a balanced blend of essential macro and micronutrients.

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Vitalink PlantStart

Vitalink PlantStart is a unique one-part nutrient feed designed to give plants the best possible life start.

It is a balanced blend of essential macronutrients with chelated micronutrients; its careful formulation, especially in the relative proportions of boron to calcium, is known to enhance fast and healthy root system growth and overall robustness in plants.

The product also contains fulvic and humic acids, which help nutrient uptake from the beginning of root development. Vitamin B1 triggers root development in cuttings and seedlings. These more robust, more extensive roots engender better water and nutrient uptake, resulting in more vigorous plant development and greater tolerance of the various environmental stresses that plants are exposed to more or less constantly.

PlantStart nourishes young plants from their early and most vulnerable stages in their life cycle and delivers all the nutrients necessary for optimal healthy development. It also speeds up the development cycle so that your plants will flower sooner than they would.

The product is gentle and forgiving, with little risk of over-fertilizing or issues with leaf burn. It has several features and attributes, and these include:

  • Thoroughly tested and considered to be reliable and consistent
  • Use this product for fast and healthy rooting
  • It gives your plants a fantastic start in life
  • Specifically created for your cuttings and seedlings
  • A comprehensive source of nutrients for seedlings and cuttings
  • Shortens turnaround times for the vegetative stage and hastens the blooming stage
  • A gentle and forgiving formula that won’t burn or otherwise harm young plants

PlantStart works well with all types of growing media. It has a low EC when in solution, and at the same time, it gives your plants every nourishment they need, thereby reducing the risk of overfeeding.

How Does it Work?

This product is an ideal nutrient for seedlings and cuttings which are newly rooted. It’s very gentle – yet it contains a powerful blend of everything young plants need in a sophisticated formulation of ingredients with all the macro and micronutrients provided for healthy growth and, in particular, for robust roots.

How to Use?

Always shake the container well for about 20 seconds, as the humic acid within the product tends to settle over time.

Sowing Seeds or Rooting Cuttings

Use the product at a concentration of 3ml to 4ml per litre, and when pre-soaking sponges or plugs, just before sowing seed or taking cuttings. When taking delicate cuttings, use a good rooting gel (Clonex) to increase the chances of success.

Rooted Seedlings and Cuttings

Use 6ml to 8ml per litre when your cuttings or seedlings have rooted successfully into their propagation sponges or plugs. When you notice your plants growing multiple roots, start adding a sister product, Vitalink RootStim, into your regular feeding regime.

Pro tip: some growers continue to give cuttings or seedlings quite a weak dose of adult feed. But it is recommended that you do not do this because cuttings and seedlings need a much weaker feed and the correct proportion of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

How Do I Buy Vitalink PlantStart?

You can easily buy Vitalink PlantStart from our website.

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