Xtreme Gardening CalCarb Foliar Booster

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Xtreme Gardening CalCarb Foliar Booster provides a good source of calcium and carbon dioxide to promote plant health.

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Xtreme Gardening CalCarb Foliar Booster

Xtreme Gardening CalCarb Foliar Booster provides a good source of calcium and carbon dioxide to promote plant health.

Calcium is crucial to the well-being of your plants as it contributes to the strength of the cell membranes and regulates nutrient use. Calcium also plays a prominent role in the quality of several plant species, including peppers, watermelons and tomatoes.

Calcium also reduces the effects of unwanted heat stress in plants. This product works well in indoor and outdoor environments and all kinds of hydroponic growing setups.

This foliar booster has some practical attributes and features, and these include:

  • Made by Xtreme Gardening in California
  • Solves all issues brought about by Calcium deficiency
  • It gives a good dose of carbon dioxide directly into the plants’ leaves
  • Provides your plants with an easily absorbed source of essential calcium
  • Triggers a healthy boost to the photosynthesis process
  • Assists in reducing the effects of heat stress
  • It works well used once every week for happier and greener plants
  • It helps to prevent blossom end rot

How does this foliar booster work?

This product from Xtreme Gardening is an excellent source of bio-available calcium, an element crucial to plant growth. It’s fundamental for strong cell walls and for holding cells together. Calcium also has a big part to play in enzyme activity.

Calcium is an “immobile” nutrient in that it is not one of the nutrients that can be moved around plants by the plants themselves to where they’re most needed. Nitrogen, for example, can be moved from a plant’s old lower leaves to provide for newer growth higher up. But calcium cannot do this. So once the calcium has been used for one purpose by a plant, it can’t be relocated to be used for something new elsewhere.

Therefore, without a continuous and adequate source of calcium, any new growth will become stunted and withered, and the structure and immune system of the plant will become very weak. That will make the plant an easy target for pests and may become vulnerable to fungal infections and other diseases.

Unfortunately, even if there’s a good provision of calcium in the plant’s root zone, it can still become locked out by nutrient or pH imbalance. For example, having a lot of potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, boron, phosphorous or manganese within the root zone may make it quite impossible for any plant to absorb the quantity of calcium that it needs.

But this product contains calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the form of nanoparticles and works as a foliar spray. Applying the product directly to the leaves delivers this very absorbable form of calcium into the plant.

This method bypasses the plant’s root zone and ensures that calcium deficiencies will never become an issue. Moreover, CalCarb will also provide a burst of carbon dioxide CO2, which helps boost photosynthesis.

How do I use this foliar booster?

This product works throughout a plant’s lifecycle in any substrate, up to 1-2 weeks before harvest.

Add two teaspoons (or 10g) of the product per litre of water and stir well to mix. Using a spray gun, apply to the undersides of up to twelve of the plant’s outermost leaves, and do this for each plant. The product doesn’t need spraying over the entire plant, nor does it need to saturate it.

You should avoid applying other foliar sprays for at least 36 hours to give your plants enough time to absorb all the necessary calcium. It leaves a beneficial white residue that you can rinse off after about 36 hours.

As with all such foliar sprays, you should only apply it in low light conditions and ensure that none gets onto your grow lamps. The best time to spray your plants is when lights are off at the start of the dark cycle while the plant’s stomata are still open. Doing this will allow the product to be absorbed before the grow lamp comes back on. This practice also reduces the risk of foliar burn caused by bright light hitting the wet leaves.

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Where do I buy Xtreme Gardening CalCarb Foliar Booster?

You can easily buy Xtreme Gardening CalCarb Foliar Booster from our online shop.

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