Grotek Final Flush

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Grotek Final Flush is a fertiliser rinse solution and flushing agent that works to get rid of bitter salts from plants in the very final stages of growth.

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Grotek Final Flush

Grotek Final Flush is a fertiliser rinse solution and flushing agent that works to get rid of bitter salts from plants in the very final stages of growth.

It rids your plants and your entire growing system of these unwanted residues which may have built up over the lifetime of the plant’s growth cycle. It can also correct the over-feeding of your plants or the desalinisation of your growing media, making it suitable and fresh enough to reuse repeatedly.

Final Flush works in the final 7 to 10 days before the harvest, and this will help to get rid of unused nutrients in the form of salts that will have built up throughout your growing system, especially in your plants and the growing medium.

It works well in all growing media and for all types of hydroponics systems. The excess nutrients and salts that inevitably occur can cause your crops to taste bitter if you do not flush them sufficiently. Using this product will eliminate these residues and the nasty taste.

Salinity is known to be a severe problem for growers who use container and recirculation systems. The build-up of salts needs addressing because of the bitterness in taste which could potentially ruin a harvest.

This product is a flushing agent that deals with this and corrects any over-feeding issues during your crop production; it also does a great job of eliminating residual salts from the growing media in the final stages of the growth cycle.

How to Use?

Shake the bottle well before use. Inspect any visible signs of excess or built-up salts; these can appear as a white, powdery residue on the growing media or hydroponic equipment.

Use the product at a concentration of 2ml per litre of water.

In Hydroponic Systems: Add Grotek Final Flush to water (preferably pure or distilled water) in your nutrient reservoir, and then run for around an hour right through the system.

In Soil or Soilless Applications: To clear any salt accumulation, apply the product liberally to the top of your container and allow time for any excess solution to drain out of the bottom. Repeat this for a second time if this looks necessary, then wait a week before starting a regular feeding program again.

Just Before Harvest: Use the product 7 to 10 days before the harvest to eliminate excess fertiliser salts and any fertiliser flavours.

Final Flush also corrects over-feeding at any stage of growth. For this purpose, stop using the base nutrient (and any other additives or supplements) and use this product instead. Once the plants are stable, you can resume the regular feeding programme.

This flushing should be repeated in the final 7 to 10 days, even if you have used the product during the plants’ growth cycle, as it will make a difference to the final quality and flavour.

How Do I Buy Grotek Final Flush?

You can easily buy Grotek Final Flush from our website.

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