Guard ‘n’ Aid Insect Catcher


Protect your plants with Guard ‘n’ Aid Insect Catchers. Environmentally friendly, easy to use and comes in a pack of 5. Stick to a surface or hang to attract and trap bugs and pests—a safe solution for a healthy indoor or outdoor garden.

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Guard ‘n’ Aid Insect Catcher

Guard ‘n’ Aid Insect Catcher 5-Pack is a must-have for hydroponic growers looking for an eco-friendly solution to protect their plants from bugs and pests.

This pack contains five double-sided catchers that are easy to use and perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. The bright yellow colour and sticky surface attract pests, trapping them on the catcher and keeping them away from your plants.

This product is safe for you and the environment, as no harmful pesticides are needed.

Features and Benefits of using these Insect Catchers in a Hydroponic Setup:

  • Eco-friendly solution to pest control
  • The pack contains five double-sided catchers
  • Bright yellow colour attracts pests
  • Sticky surface traps pests
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • No harmful pesticides needed
  • Easy to use

How does this product work?

The bright yellow colour of these Insect Catchers attract pests, causing them to stick to the surface of the catcher. The sticky surface traps unwanted critters, keeping them away from your plants and preventing damage to your hydroponic setup.

How do I use this product?

Peel back the protective film and stick it to the desired surface or hang the catcher using the removable holes. The Guard ‘n’ Aid Insect Catcher is easy to use and helps defend areas against bugs and pests without the need for potentially harmful pesticides.

Using other hydroponic products with these insect catchers can enhance a hydroponic setup’s overall health and productivity. To follow are some of the benefits of using additional products:

Grow Lights: Adding grow lights to a hydroponic setup provides the plants with the light they need to flourish, regardless of the natural light available.
Nutrients and Boosters: Providing plants with the proper nutrients is crucial to their growth and productivity. Hydroponic nutrient solutions ensure that the plants receive the right balance of nutrients.
Water Chillers: Hydroponic water chillers regulate the water temperature in the hydroponic system, ensuring that the plants receive water at the optimal temperature for growth.
Aeration and Pumps: Hydroponic pumps and air stones improve the oxygenation of the water, providing the plants with the oxygen they need to grow.
Measuring Tools: pH meters help monitor the pH levels of the water, ensuring that the plants receive water with the correct balance for optimal growth.

In conclusion, using other hydroponic products alongside the insect catchers can help create a complete and balanced hydroponic setup that supports the health and productivity of the plants.

Where can I buy a Guard ‘n’ Aid Insect Catcher 5-Pack?

You can easily buy a Guard ‘n’ Aid Insect Catcher 5-Pack from our online store.

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