Hailea HC-100A Nutrient Chiller


The Hailea HC-100A Nutrient Chiller pumps your nutrient solution through a cooling unit to keep the liquid at your preferred temperature.

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Hailea HC-100A Nutrient Chiller

The Hailea HC-100A Nutrient Chiller pumps your nutrient solution through a cooling unit to keep the liquid at your preferred temperature.

All models in this range of chillers are straightforward to use, and they all have a robust metal casing and a contemporary design. Just see the difference in your plants when you use the correct nutrient solution temperature.

This item is ideal for use in all kinds of hydroponic growing setups, and it has several different helpful features and attributes, including:

  • Improves your plants’ nutrient uptake and oxygen levels
  • Keeps nutrient solution temperatures within an optimal range
  • Has digital temperature management technology
  • Assists in stopping the spread of Pythium, algae and any issues caused by high temperature
  • It has an auto-shutdown function to protect the motor
  • Known for its low operating noise levels
  • Features an anti-corrosive titanium evaporator
  • It has an easy-to-read digital display
  • Uses a freon-free R134A refrigeration system
  • Features a very accurate thermostat

How does this Nutrient Chiller work?

This Nutrient Chiller is housed in a robust metal chassis and has a pleasing contemporary design that easily fits in with any environment. All chillers in this series use the freon-free refrigerant R134A, recommended for its environmentally friendly qualities.

This chiller has lower noise output while working, and the digital temperature controller ensures that your selected temperature is steadily maintained. The product’s flow rate depends on the jet of the integral pump and the various circulation equipment.

All models feature pure titanium exchangers; you can use any of these products in freshwater and seawater.

The clear digital display shows its constant operational temperature. The construction mode and its materials keep the product stable during operation and immune to any vibration; it can withstand the corrosion caused by salt water.

All the chillers in this range work to optimise growth and ward off root system problems by keeping the nutrient solution within a range of recommended temperatures.

The product will keep your nutrient solution between 18 and 21°C, providing your plants with enhanced oxygen levels to keep their roots healthy and keeping bugs, algae and pathogens at bay.

The nutrient solution is pumped straight into the chiller unit, where it is then cooled, and then it’s pumped into the reservoir or tank. All chillers in this range have a clear digital display, a very accurate thermostat and only three buttons to press, making them refreshingly easy to use and operate. They give users control over how much they choose to chill or warm the nutrient solution.

All the chillers in the series come in durable, tough metal casings with titanium and anti-corrosive evaporators. An auto-shutdown function is also in place to protect the motor by shutting down the power should it ever overload.

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How do I use this Nutrient Chiller?

Position your Nutrient Chiller outside your growing room if you can, as the unit will generate a certain amount of heat. Ideally, it should be 40cm from the walls on either side.

Using an R-DWC, you can chill the control unit as the water flow will rapidly circulate all the pots.

Clean the chiller after every crop to remove salt, mineral deposits, and limescale. To do this, you fill up the chiller with clear pickling vinegar, leave it alone for 24 hours, and then flush it with clean water. Place an air circulator fan near the chiller to avoid any heat build-up.


  • Power: 1/20hp
  • Working current: 0.6A
  • Flow rate: 200-1000LH
  • Capacity: 100-600L
  • Weight: 9.2kg
  • Size: 338 x 218 x 325mm

Where Do I Buy the Hailea HC-100A Nutrient Chiller?

You can easily buy a Hailea HC-100A Nutrient Chiller from our website.

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