Essentials LAB Buffer 4

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The Essentials LAB Buffer 4 is your reliable partner for pH meter calibration at pH4. Available in 250ml and 1L bottles, it ensures your meter’s readings are consistently accurate. Ideal for hydroponic setups, it’s a crucial tool to optimise plant growth by delivering precise pH measurements. Get your Essentials LAB Buffer 4 today and experience the difference.

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The Calibration Essential: Essentials LAB Buffer 4

Nurturing your hydroponic garden necessitates accurate pH measurements. This moment is where Essentials LAB Buffer 4 comes into play – your ideal aid for pH meter calibration at pH4. This high-quality buffer solution, available in 250ml and 1L bottles, is all about maintaining the accuracy of your pH readings.

For the passionate hydroponic grower, LAB Buffer 4 equates to precision and reliability. Its superior performance is all thanks to its strict acidity level, set at pH4. Regularly using this exact solution ensures your pH meter always delivers trustworthy readings.

How does this product work?

The potency of LAB Buffer 4 is primarily due to its consistent pH4 level. With time and use, the effectiveness of a pH meter can alter. This process happens because the protective coating of the pH electrode wears down, causing a shift in its readings. Here’s where Buffer 4 becomes instrumental in maintaining consistency. Regularly calibrating your pH meter with Buffer 4 can counteract this ageing effect and guarantee your meter’s continued accuracy. In short, it’s the tool to keep your pH meter readings honest and precise.

How do I use this product?

To use LAB Buffer 4 effectively, ensure the pH meter and the buffer solution are at a similar temperature. How? By storing them together. Remember, it’s essential to shake the buffer bottle before use. Then, pour out a small quantity into a separate container for calibration. To avoid cross-contamination and preserve Buffer 4’s accuracy, never dip your pH probe directly into the buffer bottle. And once you’ve done with the calibration, dispose of the used buffer solution – never return it to the bottle.

When performing two-point calibration for greater accuracy, use Essentials LAB Buffer 7 and Buffer 4. Remember, always follow the instructions provided with your pH meter.

Store your Buffer 4 upright in a cool place (between 5°C and 25°C) out of direct sunlight, and ensure the bottle cap is secure to avoid spillage or evaporation.

Features and Benefits of Using Essentials LAB Buffer 4 in Hydroponics

  • Provides highly accurate pH4 readings for reliable calibration.
  • Enables regular monitoring of your pH meter’s performance.
  • Minimises errors due to electrode ageing.
  • Ensures precise measurements, leading to optimal plant growth.
  • It offers convenience and ease of use, simplifying the calibration process.

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In conclusion, LAB Buffer 4, with its high precision and practical use, is a must-have in every hydroponic enthusiast’s toolkit. Guarantee your plants get the perfect pH environment they need for ideal growth. Embrace LAB Buffer 4, and let accuracy be your new regular.

How can I buy Essentials LAB Buffer 4?

You can easily buy Essentials LAB Buffer 4 from our online store by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu.

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