Rock Resinator

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Rock Resinator is a powerful PK additive: it is designed to dramatically enhance the production of essential oils and flower mass and is an amazing source of high-quality phosphorus and potassium.

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Rock Resinator

Rock Resinator is a powerful PK additive that enhances the production of essential oils and flower mass. It is a fantastic source of high-quality phosphorus and Potassium and is ideal for all types of hydroponic growing systems. It incorporates the following features:

  • Extremely powerful bio-stimulator
  • Very useful, a superb source of absorbable PK (phosphorous and Potassium)
  • Unique flower enhancer
  • Triggers a substantial production of essential oils
  • Enables your plants to reach their full potential
  • Increases yield quantity and quality
  • It works very well with most nutrient brands

How Does it Work?

Rock Resinator has been created as a unique formulation to trigger the process of essential oil production in any given flowering plant.

A combination of decreased water content and an increase in essential oils produces a crop that is abundant in quality and quantity at harvest, with high density and beautiful appearance and aroma.

It’s what every grower dreams of when imagining the perfect standalone flowering product – like waving a magic wand.

The product provides readily bioavailable phosphorous, Potassium and amino acids straight to the plants’ flowering sites. The results are there for all to see in a measurable increase in the final weight of the yield.

This product delivers Potassium and Phosphor directly to where these crucial elements are most wanted, precisely at the right time.

It’s an unfortunate fact that, during the flowering stage, plants have the habit of depleting these essential elements – especially in the case of Potassium – in the rhizosphere, and this can happen very rapidly; in fact, it can happen in less than 96 hours.

Resinator will abolish this problem altogether.

Phosphorus is vitally necessary for a strong and healthy root system, and such a root system will produce heavier and more potent flowers and better general growth. Phosphorous also speeds up the time it takes to reach maturity and increases the yield and the vitamin content in plants.

Potassium is the crucial nutrient which, when present in large quantities, is the trigger for many specialised plant functions. It develops strong stems, enhances colour, produces oils and starches and reduces a plant’s need for water. It is also essential for good cell division and balances too much calcium and nitrogen influence.

If plants fail to get the nutrients they want, sugar production reduces, and they have difficulty conserving the energy needed for good flower development. Plant growth will halt, and the fruit and flower quality will suffer. To achieve a bountiful harvest, any bloom booster offering phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) can make a huge difference.

How to Use?

Resinator is very easy to use. For most applications, you need to add it at the beginning of week 2 of the flowering stage to harvest at a concentration of 6ml per gallon of nutrient solution, producing a mild solution. If a stronger solution is required, use it at a concentration of up to 10ml per gallon. Always shake the bottle well before use.

Where Can I Buy Rock Resinator?

You can easily buy Rock Resinator from our site.

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