Advanced Nutrients Tarantula

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Discover the power of Advanced Nutrients Tarantula for your hydroponic garden. This potent bio-fertiliser enriches the root zone with beneficial bacteria, optimising nutrient and water absorption and increasing iron and phosphorus availability. Ideal for diverse hydroponic systems, Tarantula ensures robust root health and impressive yields. Compatible with pH Perfect Base Nutrients, it’s a safe, effective solution for healthier plants and maximised growth. Embrace Tarantula for a thriving garden experience.

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Advanced Nutrients Tarantula: Transform Your Hydroponics with the Power of Beneficial Microbes

Ready to take your indoor growing to the next level? Advanced Nutrients Tarantula is here to revolutionise your hydroponic experience. It isn’t just another nutrient solution; it’s a powerful bio-fertiliser packed with beneficial bacteria meticulously chosen to supercharge your garden’s root zone. Visualise walking into your grow space and seeing your plants not just growing but absolutely thriving. That’s the magic of Tarantula – it’s about giving your plants exactly what they need for explosive growth and jaw-dropping yields.

Key Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • Optimised Nutrient Absorption: With 10 million CFU per gram, Tarantula maximises water and nutrient uptake, ensuring your plants get the most out of every feeding.
  • Iron and Phosphorus Availability: It improves the availability of crucial nutrients like iron and phosphorus, key players in robust plant growth.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Perfectly designed for a variety of hydroponic systems – from Aeroponics to Deep Water Culture (DWC) – and fully compatible with pH Perfect Base Nutrients and other supplements.
  • Root Zone Revolution: By enriching the root zone with precision-selected bacteria, Tarantula creates an environment where nutrients are more accessible, and root health is visibly improved.
  • Safety and Quality Assurance: Free from harmful growth regulators like paclobutrazol and daminozide, ensuring your plants grow naturally and healthily.
  • Yield Boosting Formula: Experience bigger yields and healthier plants, thanks to Tarantula’s ability to create a rich, efficient nutrient transport system in the root zone.
  • Root Disease Defense: Strengthens your plants’ immunity against root diseases, a common challenge in hydroponic gardening.
  • Complementary Use: Works exceptionally well when stacked with Advance Nutrients Voodoo Juice, enhancing the root zone even further for unparalleled growth.

How Does Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Work?

When it comes to hydroponics, understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind your products is crucial. Advanced Nutrients Tarantula isn’t just a supplement; it’s an innovative breakthrough in plant nutrition. Let’s delve into the intricate workings of this powerful bio-fertiliser and see why it’s a must-have for any hydroponics enthusiast.

The Science of Beneficial Bacteria:

  • Microbial Magic: Tarantula is teeming with hand-selected beneficial bacteria. These microorganisms form a symbiotic relationship with your plant’s roots, essentially creating a dynamic and efficient nutrient absorption system. This natural partnership is the cornerstone of Tarantula’s effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Transport: The core function of Tarantula lies in its remarkable ability to increase the efficiency of nutrient transport within the plant’s root system. With 10 million colony-forming units (CFU) per gram, these beneficial bacteria work tirelessly to break down and convert nutrients into forms more easily absorbed by plants.
  • Iron and Phosphorus Optimisation: Crucially, Tarantula enhances the availability of iron and phosphorus, two vital nutrients for plant growth. By optimising the uptake of these elements, Tarantula ensures that your plants are never lacking in these essential nutrients.

Why Hydroponic Gardeners Should Choose Tarantula:

  • Maximising Yields: For hydroponic gardeners, the end goal is often a bountiful harvest. Tarantula directly contributes to this goal by creating a root environment that’s primed for maximum nutrient absorption, leading to healthier plants and, consequently, larger yields.
  • Root Health and Disease Resistance: A thriving root system is key to overall plant health. Tarantula not only boosts root growth but also enhances the plant’s natural defences against root diseases, a common challenge in hydroponic setups.
  • Adaptability and Compatibility: Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Tarantula fits seamlessly into various hydroponic systems. Its compatibility with pH Perfect Base Nutrients and other supplements makes it a versatile choice for any grower.
  • Quality and Safety Assurance: In an industry where product integrity is paramount, Tarantula stands out. Free from harmful plant growth regulators, it ensures that your plants grow as naturally and healthily as possible.

How Do I Use Advanced Nutrients Tarantula?

Integrating Advanced Nutrients Tarantula into your hydroponic setup is a straightforward process, but it’s crucial to get it right to reap the maximum benefits. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Tarantula:

  1. Check Compatibility: Firstly, confirm that Tarantula is compatible with your existing hydroponic system and other nutrients or supplements you’re using. Fortunately, the manufacturer designed Tarantula to work harmoniously with a variety of systems and products, including all pH Perfect Base Nutrients.
  2. Prepare Your Solution: When preparing your nutrient solution, remember the golden rule: never mix Tarantula directly with other concentrated nutrients or additives. This action can lead to adverse reactions that diminish the effectiveness of the products.
  3. Correct Dosage: The recommended dosage for Tarantula is 2ml per litre of your nutrient solution. Sticking to this dosage is key to ensuring your plants receive the optimal level of beneficial microbes without the risk of overfeeding.
  4. Application Timing: For best results, apply Tarantula from the beginning of your grow right through to the second week of flowering. This timeframe ensures that your plants benefit from the enhanced root environment throughout their most critical growth phases.
  5. Avoid Peroxides: It’s important to avoid using any peroxide additives in conjunction with Tarantula. Peroxide can harm the beneficial microbes, significantly reducing the effectiveness of the product.
  6. Stir and Add: When adding Tarantula to your feed water or nutrient reservoir, make sure to stir the solution well after each addition. This step ensures an even distribution of the microbes throughout your nutrient solution.
  7. Regular Application: Consistently apply Tarantula according to the recommended schedule. Regular application helps maintain a robust and active microbial population in the root zone, leading to continuous and optimal plant growth.


Embarking on your hydroponic journey with Advanced Nutrients Tarantula might bring up some questions. Let’s address some of the most common queries to ensure you have all the information you need for a successful and confident growing experience.

Q1: What Does Tarantula Advanced Nutrients Do?

A1: Advanced Nutrients Tarantula is a bio-fertiliser that enriches your hydroponic garden’s root zone with beneficial bacteria. These microbes enhance nutrient and water absorption, increase the availability of vital nutrients like iron and phosphorus, and improve the overall health of your plants. Essentially, Tarantula creates a more efficient and robust root system, leading to healthier plants and increased yields.

Q2: Does Advanced Nutrients Have PGR?

A2: No, Advanced Nutrients, including Tarantula, do not contain Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) like paclobutrazol or daminozide. They focus on providing natural and safe products for plants, ensuring healthy growth without using banned or harmful substances.

Q3: When Should I Use Nirvana?

A3: Nirvana, another product from Advanced Nutrients, is best used during the flowering stage of your plants. It’s a natural bloom booster that enhances the growth, flavour, and aroma of your flowers and fruits. For optimal results, incorporate Nirvana into your nutrient regimen as your plants transition from the vegetative stage to flowering.

Q4: How Does Tarantula Complement Other Advanced Nutrients Products?

A4: Tarantula works exceptionally well with other Advanced Nutrients products like Voodoo Juice and the pH Perfect line. While Tarantula focuses on enriching the root zone with beneficial bacteria, products like Voodoo Juice enhance root growth, and the pH Perfect line ensures optimal nutrient uptake by maintaining balanced pH levels. Together, they form a comprehensive nutrient system for your hydroponic garden.

Recommended Products

Enhancing your hydroponic garden with the right products is key to achieving outstanding growth and yields. Here are some top recommendations that work synergistically with Advanced Nutrients Tarantula, each bringing unique benefits to your hydroponic setup.

  • Advanced Nutrients Piranha: A perfect partner for Tarantula, Piranha introduces beneficial fungi to your root zone. These fungi enhance nutrient uptake and protect against root diseases. Use it with Tarantula to create a comprehensive microbial ecosystem, leading to bigger yields.
  • Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice: Specifically designed to boost root growth, Voodoo Juice is a powerful root stimulator. It complements Tarantula by further enhancing the root mass and improving nutrient absorption. Combining Voodoo Juice and Tarantula ensures a quality root system, setting a strong foundation for your plants.
  • Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Micro, Grow, Bloom: This three-part nutrient system is essential for providing your plants with all the necessary nutrients throughout their growth cycle. The pH Perfect technology simplifies nutrient management by automatically balancing pH levels, ensuring optimal nutrient availability. When used with Tarantula, it ensures your plants are well-nourished from the roots up, promoting healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Integrating these products into your setup simplifies your growing process and maximises the health and productivity of your plants. They complement one another, creating a harmonious and efficient growing environment that leads to impressive results.

Boost Your Garden with Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Today!

Ready to take your hydroponic garden to new heights? Add Advanced Nutrients Tarantula to your basket and unlock the secret to robust root growth and impressive yields. Embrace the change and watch your garden flourish with this game-changing supplement. Your journey to a thriving hydroponic oasis starts here!

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