Power Si Original

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Power Si Original is a very effective concentrated form of mono-silicic acid, ideal for obtaining fast and effective results.

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Power Si Original

Power Si Original is a very effective concentrated form of mono-silicic acid, ideal for obtaining fast and effective results.

It provides highly stable bioavailable silica to your plants, ensuring they grow strong and healthy. It’s ideal for use in all types of hydroponic growing systems and presents some worthwhile attributes and features, including the following:

  • Assists in creating strong and sturdy cell walls
  • Leads to better quality and quantity yield at harvest
  • Reduces the number of salts that can build up over time
  • Causes the development of thicker stems and branches
  • Enables better resistance to pests and disease

How Does it Work?

This product enables your plants to deal with both biotic and abiotic stress. Biotic stress involves being threatened or attacked by living things such as pests and pathogens. Abiotic stress includes environmental stresses such as wind, temperature and drought and the various problems caused by these.

Power Si increases cell structures and the epidermis layer, leading to more robust plants with thicker stems and branches to increase dry weight and improve the plant’s capacity to bear heavier yields at harvest.

It can also reduce and regulate the space between internodes caused by temperature stress and poor nutrition. Power Si increases a plant’s resistance to salinity (build-up of nutrient salt, which happens over time) and reduces the plant’s transpiration (the loss of moisture from the plant’s leaves).

The silicon in the formulation stimulates the plant’s immune response. Unfortunately, other products that seek to do the same thing contain silicon that is not bioavailable. Therefore, this takes longer to work – these other products also need microbial interaction for the silicon to become available to the plant.

Silicic and mono-silicic acid is often the quickest way to deliver silicon; it also works very well with calcium, so you’ll see much improved benefits and calcium usage when using this product.

Silicon is vital for healthy plant growth, strength, resistance to pests and diseases and all types of stress. This product delivers silicon in its most readily bioavailable form. People who use this will often see improved results within a few days, primarily when used as a foliar spray.

Power Si contains no synthetic, unnatural PGRs. The point of silicic acid – and this product – is that it works with natural plant processes instead of trying to manipulate plants in unnatural ways.

How to Use?

Use Power Si during a plant’s vegetative stage in the following way:

  • Clones: 0.5ml per gallon
  • Week 1: 0.5ml per gallon
  • Week 2: 0.5ml per gallon
  • Week 3: 0.5ml per gallon

During the flowering stage, you should use a concentration of 0.5ml per gallon in weeks 1 and 2. Check out Power Si Bloom for even more explosive fruiting and bigger yields.

Pro Tips:

  1. To slow the vertical growth of a plant, use 6ml per 5 gallons.
  2. As a foliar spray, for maintenance, apply at a rate of 1ml per litre (4ml per gallon).
  3. As a foliar Spray, for repair, use at a rate of 2ml per litre (8ml per gallon).

Where Can I Buy Power Si Original?

You can easily buy Power Si Original from our site.

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