Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick 8L

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Experience unparalleled gardening success with Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick 8L, your essential hydroponic medium. This 100% RHP-certified brick expands up to 8 litres, offering a premium mixed fibre coco coir that is pre-buffered and nutrient-charged. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, it promotes rapid root development and vigorous plant growth. Perfect for all hydroponic setups, it’s a grower’s best friend for achieving lush, healthy plants.

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Unlock Your Plant’s Potential with Premium Coco Coir

Dive into the world of hydroponic growing with the Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick 8L, a top-notch solution designed for indoor enthusiasts and professional growers alike. This compact, easy-to-use coco coir brick is your gateway to healthier plants and more bountiful harvests. Whether you’re outfitting a small grow room or a large tent, these Coco bricks offer the consistent quality and performance you need to get your plants thriving.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 100% RHP-certified: Ensures top quality and safety for your hydroponic growing needs.
  • Premium Mixed Fibre Coco Coir: Optimal air-to-water ratio supports incredible root growth and plant health.
  • Easy Expansion: Add water to see it swell up to 8L of high-grade cocopeat.
  • Pre-Buffered and Charged: Comes enriched with trace elements and beneficial microbes to kickstart growth.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both indoor and outside applications, perfect for seasonal crops.
  • Enhances Rooting: Faster and stronger root development thanks to its superior structure and nutrients.
  • Discreet & Portable: Compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and transport.
  • Compatible with Jiffy Plugs: Works seamlessly with Jiffy 7C and ROOT!T Sponge Plugs for even better results.

These features combine to offer a robust foundation for your hydroponic adventures, ensuring that your garden remains productive and your plants are healthy.

The Science of Expansion

When you receive your Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick, it’s compact and dehydrated, making it super easy to handle and store. To activate the coco coir, you need to add water. Specifically, 3.5 to 4 litres of lukewarm water will expand the brick to its full 8 litres of high-quality cocopeat. This process not only makes the coco coir easy to use but also ensures perfect conditions for immediate planting.

Engineered for Optimal Growth

What sets the Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick apart is its sophisticated composition. They consist of 100% mixed fibre coco coir, and the brick boasts a structure that optimises the air-to-water ratio, which is crucial for robust root development. Moreover, it’s not just about physical structure; the coco coir is buffered and charged with beneficial elements and trace nutrients that are essential for plant health right from the start.

Buffering and Charging: A Closer Look

Buffering refers to the process of pre-treating the coco coir to remove excess salts and stabilise its chemical environment, which is vital for preventing nutrient lockout—a common issue in hydroponics. Meanwhile, charging involves enriching the coir with a specific blend of nutrients and beneficial microbes that promote healthier, more resilient plant growth. This dual treatment makes the Jiffy Pro7 a superior medium that supports not just growth but thriving development.

Why Choose Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick?

For hydroponic gardeners, choosing the right growing medium is as crucial as selecting the right seeds. The Jiffy Pro7 not only meets the basic needs of your plants but enhances their growth environment significantly. It ensures quicker rooting, which is vital for the rapid development of young plants, and its consistent quality reduces the variability often seen with other hydroponic substrates.

Furthermore, its ease of use and storage make it a perfect choice for both newbies and experienced growers who value efficiency and effectiveness in their gardening endeavours. Whether you’re growing flowers, vegetables, or herbs, the Jiffy Pro7 provides a dependable foundation that nurtures your plants from seedling to harvest. Find out more about Jiffy by visiting their homepage here.

Preparing Your Coco Coir

Begin by finding a suitable container large enough to hold the expanded volume of the coco coir. Typically, a bucket or large mixing tub works well. Next, add 3.5 to 4 litres of lukewarm water to the brick, depending on your preference for moisture level. For a drier mix, suitable for plants that receive water soon after potting, use 3.5 litres. If you prefer a wetter mix that doesn’t require immediate watering post-transplant, opt for 4 litres.

Mixing and Expanding the Coir

As the water absorbs, the coco coir will begin to expand. This process takes a few minutes, so patience is key. Once the brick starts to loosen and break apart, use your hands or a small garden fork to fluff it up. This action helps create a uniform and airy substrate, which is crucial for the roots to develop optimally.

Customising Your Growing Medium

After the coir has fully expanded, you should tailor the mix to your specific growing needs. Many hydroponic gardeners add perlite, vermiculite, or clay pebbles to improve the drainage or adjust the water retention qualities of the coir. This step is optional but recommended for optimising your hydroponic system.

Potting Your Plants

Now, take the prepared coir and fill your pots or hydroponic system’s planting containers. Make sure to pack the coir loosely to allow for plenty of air circulation around the roots. If you are using Jiffy 7c or ROOT!T sponge plugs for propagation, place your young plants directly into the coco coir, ensuring the roots make good contact with the medium.

Feeding and Maintenance

Once your plants are potted, start them on a feeding schedule suitable for coco coir. Typically, a coco-specific nutrient formula works best, as these complement the natural properties of coco coir. Monitor the pH and electrical conductivity (EC) of your water to maintain optimal growing conditions. Adjustments to your water quality and nutrient concentrations might be needed based on the growth stage and health of your plants.

With Jiffy Pro7 Coco Bricks, you have a superior substrate that simplifies the hydroponic growing process. This guide should empower you with the confidence to use the product effectively in your setup, ensuring your plants thrive!

What size are coco coir bricks?

Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick comes in a compact, easy-to-manage size, but don’t let that fool you. Each brick, once rehydrated, expands to fill 8 litres of volume. This feature makes them a practical and efficient choice for various hydroponic setups, providing ample substrate from a single, space-saving brick.

What is Coco Brick made of?

The Jiffy Pro7 consists entirely of mixed fibre coco coir. This component is a natural byproduct derived from coconut husks, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly option for gardeners. Its structure is ideal for hydroponic systems, promoting excellent root growth and effective moisture management.

How do you break down coco coir bricks?

Breaking down a coco-coir brick is simple. Start by adding the recommended amount of water—3.5 to 4 litres—depending on how moist you want the substrate. Allow the brick to absorb the water and expand, which will take a few minutes. Then, stir and fluff it with a garden fork or your hands to ensure it’s evenly loose and ready for your plants.

What is the difference between coco and coir?

Coco and coir refer to the same material, which is the fibrous material found between the outer husk and the actual coconut. In the gardening world, “coco” usually pertains to the substrate used in growing plants (like the Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick), while “coir” might be used more broadly to describe any product made from coconut husk fibres. However, in hydroponics, these terms are often used interchangeably to describe the growing medium derived from coconut husks.

  • Canna Coco A&B: Tailored specifically for coco coir substrates, Canna Coco A&B nutrient solution ensures plants receive the ideal balance of nutrients. This two-part formula supports all growth stages and enhances both root and aerial development, making it a perfect companion for Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick.
  • Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges: These biodegradable sponges offer an excellent start for seedlings and cuttings. Designed to fit perfectly with any hydroponic system, they work seamlessly with Jiffy Pro7 Coco Bricks to ensure young plants develop strong, healthy roots.
  • Aqua Master Combo Pen P110 Pro: Keep your hydroponic environment in check with this professional-grade instrument, measuring pH, EC, and temperature. Its precise monitoring capabilities allow for optimal adjustment of nutrients and conditions, ensuring your Jiffy Pro7 Bricks foster a thriving grow space.
  • Bucket & Lid: Essential for preparing and storing your expanded coco coir, a sturdy bucket with a tight-fitting lid is vital for any hydroponic setup. It simplifies mixing, prevents contamination, and maintains the quality of your hydroponic solutions.

Ready to Elevate Your Hydroponic Garden with Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick 8L?

Transform your indoor garden today! The Jiffy Pro7 Coco Brick 8L offers an unparalleled blend of quality, convenience, and performance. Add this premium coco coir to your basket and start experiencing the lush, vigorous plant growth that every hydroponic enthusiast dreams of. Your garden deserves the best—give it the Jiffy Pro7 advantage.

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