Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges


Boost your hydroponic growth with Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges. These eco-friendly sponges aid in faster root growth and nutrient absorption while maintaining a perfect air-to-water ratio. Simple to use and easy to pot on, get yours today and experience faster, more vigorous growth.

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Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges

Are you a hydroponic grower looking to increase your rooting success rates and grow more robust, more vigorous roots? Look no further than Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges – the latest innovation in propagation. These sponges are necessary for any hydroponic setup with superior nutrient absorption, optimal moisture levels, and eco-friendly design.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximise your success rates and grow faster, more vigorous roots.
  • These sponges are easy to use and pot on, making them an excellent choice for growers of all experience levels.
  • The bag of 50 sponges can refill a tray or work independently on a bed of perlite or vermiculite.
  • The resealable bag helps ensure that each sponge is kept in perfect condition and ready to use when needed.
  • Root!t sponges are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, making them an eco-conscious choice for growers.
  • The sponges contain micronutrients and beneficial microbes to aid germination and ensure healthy root growth.
  • These sponges have superior nutrient absorption and easily maintain a perfect air-to-water ratio, promoting faster and stronger root growth.
  • They also insulate roots better against heat or lack of moisture, helping to ensure that your plants stay healthy and strong.

How does this product work?

Natural Rooting Sponges work by providing the ideal environment for plant cuttings to establish a healthy root system. They consist of a blend of peat and wood pulp, which allows them to hold moisture and provide a stable structure for roots to grow. The sponges also contain micronutrients and beneficial microbes, aiding germination and promoting healthy root growth. 

Additionally, the sponges have superior nutrient absorption and easily maintain a perfect air-to-water ratio, promoting faster and stronger root growth.

How do I use Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges?

Using Natural Rooting Sponges by Root!t is straightforward. 

  1. First, select your cuttings and prepare them by removing any excess leaves or flowers. 
  2. Then, place the cuttings into the pre-cut holes in the sponges, ensuring they are firmly in place. 
  3. Next, place the sponges into your hydroponic system or onto a bed of perlite or vermiculite, ensuring they are in contact with the nutrient solution. 
  4. Finally, monitor your cuttings regularly and adjust your hydroponic system as needed.

Other Hydroponic Products:

Several other products are compatible with this medium to expand your hydroponic setup. One option is a Root!t Propagator to create a controlled environment for your plants which you can assemble by combining a Root!t Propagator Lid with a tray and 60-hole insert – all available from our site.

Another vital component is hydroponic nutrients and boosters, which provide essential nutrients to your plants. Finally, a hydroponic pH meter can help ensure that your nutrient solution is optimal for your plants to thrive.

In conclusion, these Natural Rooting Sponges are essential for any hydroponic grower who wants to maximise their rooting success rates and grow more robust, more vigorous roots. With their eco-friendly design, optimal moisture levels, and superior nutrient absorption, these sponges are an excellent choice for beginner and experienced hydroponic growers. 

So, to take your hydroponic setup to the next level, consider adding these Rooting Sponges to your toolkit today!

How do I buy Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges?

You can easily buy your Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges from our online store.

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