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Discover CaliCane, the innovative plant support system that transforms gardening into an effortless experience. Designed for indoor, outdoor, and hydroponic setups, CaliCane transcends traditional support methods like trellis and wires. This groundbreaking system simplifies plant care using low-stress training principles, ensuring ease and efficiency. Its adjustable Branch Cords and Central Cane cater to various plant types, promoting robust growth and maximum yield. Embrace CaliCane for a stress-free gardening journey, leading to healthier, stronger plants. CaliCane is your essential tool for revolutionary gardening and optimal plant health.

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Reinventing Growth, One Branch at a Time.

Introducing CaliCane, the versatile and innovative plant support system designed to revolutionise the way you approach gardening. Whether you’re nurturing a lush indoor space or tending to an expansive outdoor garden, CaliCane is your perfect ally transcending traditional gardening support systems such as netting, trellis and overhead wires. It’s equally adept in hydroponic setups and soil-based environments. This groundbreaking system simplifies plant support and incorporates low-stress training principles. It combines ease and efficiency, transforming plant care into a more productive and stress-free experience. With CaliCane, you can now focus on what truly matters – growing healthier, stronger plants with maximum yield potential.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • Universal Compatibility: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardening, including hydroponic systems.
  • Robust Growth Support: Central Cane provides a solid, free-standing support for the main stem, promoting strong plant development.
  • 18 Adjustable Branch Cords: Custom support for various plant types, accommodating unique growth patterns.
  • Precision Tension Control: Easy adjustment of Branch Cords for optimal support and plant health.
  • Maximised Light Exposure: Ensures each branch is in a prime position for enhanced light absorption.
  • Reduced Pest and Rot Risks: Improves air circulation and light distribution, minimising common plant issues.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Simplified setup process, making plant care accessible to gardeners of all skill levels.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Allows for easy repositioning of plants to maximise light exposure and maintenance.
  • Durable and Reusable: Crafted for longevity, suitable for repeated use over multiple growing cycles.
  • Minimal Stress: Offers a gentle yet effective alternative to traditional methods such as netting, plant cages, YoYo Hangers and other overhead support systems.

CaliCane stands out as a comprehensive solution for every gardener who seeks to combine the art of gardening with the ease of modern technology. Check out our YouTube video to see for yourself how the CaliCane functions in greater detail here.

CaliCane represents a significant leap forward in plant support technology, offering an advanced yet intuitive system that caters to the needs of gardeners across various gardening practices. Understanding its functionality is key to realising why it’s an essential tool for gardeners serious about cultivating healthy and robust plants.

Core Design and Functionality

The Backbone of Support

At its core, CaliCane features a sturdy, extendable Central Cane. This element acts as a robust vertical support for the main stem of the plant, crucial for upright growth and stability, especially in fast-growing or top-heavy species.

Precision at Your Fingertips

Along the Central Cane are strategically placed Tension Control Wheels. These components allow for the precise adjustment of the Branch Cords, enabling gardeners to provide tailored support to each branch. This precision is especially beneficial in regulating the pressure exerted on the plant, ensuring support without undue stress.

Customisable Support for Every Branch

CaliCane features 18 Branch Cords, each designed to offer flexible and individualised support. This feature is vital for ensuring that every branch, regardless of its position or angle, receives the support needed for optimal growth.


Each Branch Cord is equipped with a Tension Toggle. This intuitive mechanism allows for fine-tuning the grip on each branch, ensuring optimal support without compromising the plant’s natural growth and health.

Adaptability for Growth

As plants grow and change, so do their support needs. CaliCane’s extendable Central Cane, adjustable Branch Cords and Tension Toggles can be modified to accommodate these changes, providing continuous and effective support throughout the plant’s lifecycle.

  • Versatility in Application: Whether you are managing a compact indoor hydroponic setup or a sprawling outdoor garden, CaliCane’s design adapts to the diverse requirements of different gardening environments.
  • Enhanced Plant Health and Yield: By increasing light exposure and reducing physical stress, CaliCane significantly contributes to the overall plant health and yield. This benefit is crucial for gardeners looking to maximise their harvest.
  • Ease of Use and Longevity: CaliCane’s user-friendly design simplifies the installation and adjustment process, making it accessible to gardeners of all skill levels. Additionally, its durable construction ensures gardeners can reuse it over multiple growing seasons, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution.
  • Next-Generation Plant Support: With CaliCane, experience a leap in gardening technology, moving past old-school methods and reshaping the future for modern growers.

In essence, CaliCane is not just a tool but a comprehensive system that enhances the gardening experience by combining practicality with technological innovation.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Integrating CaliCane into your garden, whether indoor or outdoor, is designed to be a smooth and intuitive process. Let’s walk you through each step to ensure that you can confidently utilise CaliCane for dedicated plant support.

Getting Started:

Positioning and Adjusting the Central Cane:

Start by placing the Central Cane next to your plant and inserting it into your growing media in a position to offer maximum support. Adjust its height to suit the current size of your plant. This cane is the foundation of the CaliCane system.

Threading and Attaching Branch Cords:

Thread the number of Branch Cords you require into the top Tension Control Wheel, anchoring down to the lowest wheel and securing as you go. This step sets up the framework for individual branch support.

Once the cords are in place, gently hook the end of each Branch Cord to the corresponding branch of your plant. CaliCane is capable of supporting up to 18 branches, allowing for comprehensive plant care.

Adjusting Branch Position with Tension Toggles:

Utilise the Tension Toggles to adjust and determine the desired position for each branch. This adjustment encourages optimal growth and light exposure.

Fine-Tuning for Plant Growth:

As your plant grows, continue to alter the height of the Central Cane, Tension Control Wheels and quantity of Branch Cords, adjusting their position via the Tension Toggles. This ongoing adaptability is essential to provide continuous and effective support throughout the various stages of plant growth.

Enjoying Enhanced Plant Health and Growth:

With CaliCane properly set up, your plants will benefit from improved support, leading to enhanced growth, health, and yields. The system’s design ensures that each plant receives individualised care, maximising its potential.

This section aims to provide you with deeper insights into how CaliCane can transform your gardening experience.

Is CaliCane Suitable for All Types of Plants?

Yes, CaliCane’s design is versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for a wide range of plants. Whether you’re growing delicate flowers, fruits, vegetables, or large foliage plants, CaliCane’s adjustable features allow it to support various plant types effectively in both indoor and outdoor settings.

How Does CaliCane Improve Plant Health and Yield?

CaliCane enhances plant health by providing tailored support to each branch, ensuring optimal positioning for light exposure and growth. This support system reduces physical stress on plants, leading to healthier growth and potentially higher yields. Additionally, it helps in minimising common issues like rot and pest infestations.

Can CaliCane be Adjusted During the Plant’s Growth Cycle?

Absolutely. One of the key benefits of CaliCane is its adaptability. Gardeners are able to adjust the Central Cane’s height and Tension Toggles as the plant grows. This flexibility ensures that CaliCane provides continuous and effective support throughout the entire growth cycle of your plants.

Is CaliCane Easy to Set Up and Use for Beginner Gardeners?

CaliCane is designed with simplicity in mind, making it user-friendly for gardeners of all skill levels, including beginners. The setup process is straightforward, and adjusting the system to suit your plant’s needs is intuitive.

Embrace Nature’s Potential with the CaliCane

Step into a world of enhanced gardening with CaliCane, the versatile and innovative plant support system. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardens, CaliCane is your key to stronger, healthier plants and maximised yields. Upgrade your gardening game with ease and efficiency. Invest in CaliCane now and witness the remarkable transformation in your plant care journey!

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