Four Two Zero Grow Tent 240x120x200cm


The Four Two Zero Grow Tent 240x120x200cm is a medium-sized product with a 95% reflective dimpled silver Mylar interior. An ideal space for use in hydroponic systems.

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Four Two Zero Grow Tent 240x120x200cm.

The Four Two Zero Grow Tent 240x120x200cm is a medium-sized product with a 95% reflective dimpled silver Mylar interior. An ideal space for use in hydroponic systems.

This product incorporates quite a few handy features, and these include the following:

  • Uses 95% reflective dimpled Mylar
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • It comes with several conveniently placed intake and exhaust ports
  • It has strong steel poles which are powder coated

How Does The Four Two Zero Grow Tent Work?

The Four Two Zero Grow Tent comes with solid support poles and good, thick fabric for the outer material. A completely self-contained unit, sealed from the outside environment for greater control inside. It could be temperature, lighting, humidity, artificial breezes or anything else you might want to set up to enhance the wellbeing of your plants and nourish them to encourage them to a full yield at harvest.

The tent has suspension brackets to hang equipment from the tent’s ceiling, such as lights and anything else to keep your hydroponic system productive.

Anyone who wishes to grow plants all year round will benefit from using one of these. Use this grow tent to germinate and propagate cuttings or seedlings and adult plants and help these progress through the whole of their vegetative stage and into their flowering stage.

How Do I Use The Four Two Zero Grow Tent?

The Four Two Zero Grow Tent is straightforward to set up. Once you receive it, you should move the box into the area or room it will be set up in, as doing this will save you quite a bit of time. The first step is removing the poles and Mylar from the packaging enabling easy access to the parts you need to make the entire assembly task that much easier.

Follow the instructions supplied, and each stage will naturally follow from the last. Insert the poles labelled ‘A’ into the steel corners, ensuring that these corners have their rubber feet facing downwards. And take it from there.

Eventually, you’ll be clipping the poles into place, which will form the vertical members of your tent. The illustrated instructions will show you exactly how to do all of this in the correct order. Your final task will be to put the hanging brackets onto the poles in the ceiling.

Pro Tip: Don’t put the frame too near a wall, as this may hinder your progress when wrapping the silver Mylar around the tent frame.

How to Install Your Grow Tent’s Silver Mylar

Now that you’ve assembled the tent frame, you need to install the silver Mylar. First, locate the ceiling section of the silver Mylar and put this over the frame. Then slide the silver Mylar floor section beneath the tent. You should ensure the structure is supported adequately not to fall over. When the ceiling and floor sections are in place, you should wrap the remaining silver Mylar around the frame. It’s a good idea to zip the cover into place as you go along.

Finally, secure the silver Mylar floor by using the attached Velcro straps. You can then reposition any hanging brackets to a location that best suits your circumstances and the growing arrangements you intend to make.

Which Size Fan and Filter Should I Use For My Grow Tent?

There’s quite an easy way to calculate which size extraction fan unit you need for your growing space. Firstly you find out the volume in cubic metres of the grow space with Width x Length x Height = Volume. Multiply the Volume x 60 = Air Movement Per Hour (to refresh the air in your grow tent).

If you’re using a filter (and you probably should), then the amount of air you need to move is calculated by multiplying the Air Movement Per Hour x 1.2. That is the amount of air your fan will need to move, so that is the number you should match with the fan you should get for your grow tent.

It is better to over-spec your fan and reduce its output by using a fan controller. A more powerful fan provides the flexibility to increase its output to maintain optimum conditions for your plants, for instance, in mid-summer. Put another way, if in doubt, opt for the larger fan.

How Can I Buy The Four Two Zero Grow Tent 240x120x200cm?

You can buy the Four Two Zero Grow Tent 240x120x200cm without difficulty from our website.

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