Root Pouch Fabric Pot

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Root Pouch Fabric Pot is a top-quality, semi-degradable plant container consisting of natural fibre-blended materials.

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Root Pouch Fabric Pot

Root Pouch Fabric Pot is a top-quality, semi-degradable plant container consisting of natural fibre-blended materials.

Plants grown in these products do not form roots around the container; instead, they prune by entrapment to create multi-branched root zones.

These products are ideal for increasing the quantity of oxygen delivered to the roots, which helps to boost root mass much quicker than plants grown in conventional containers.

Additionally, fabric pots are much more straightforward to use than conventional pots as they are more difficult to over-water and do not have any holes on the bottom, so your growing area will remain dry and spotless.

Fabric pots are an excellent complement to your hydroponic growing arrangement as they present the following handy characteristics and qualities:

  • Made with 100% recycled materials
  • Manufactured with a durable fabric construction
  • Effective in generating healthier plants
  • They improve oxygenation and drainage
  • They promote excellent root structure
  • Creates thick, fibrous root systems
  • They prevent root-circling around the container sides
  • Much faster root zone development
  • Straightforward to store and transport
  • Reusable, recyclable and semi-degradable

How do these pots work?

Growers frequently refer to fabric pots as air-pruner pots, dirt pots or Rhizo pots, but they all operate similarly to allow air to pass through the tiny holes within their textile structure.

This air movement operation produces a distinct effect on plant roots than those grown in more conventional plastic containers. The outer perimeter of the growing media gains extra exposure to far more oxygen than is usually available, affecting the plants’ roots as they grow towards the pot sidewalls.

Growers using these products to develop plants “pot-in-pot” will notice that as the roots contact the sides, the fabric pot prevents them from penetrating the material and prunes the roots by entrapment.

This action causes the plant to form another root from its centre, creating a dense radial gathering ideal for removing common problems growers encounter with root circling.

Root circling arises when plants grown in conventional containers develop roots that can only expand around the inner perimeter of the pot over and over again. Growing plants this way is less effective because the root mass density forms around the pot’s internal wall, underutilising the available growing room and access to nourishment within the growing substrate.

How do I use fabric pots?

Using these fabric pots is straightforward. It’s always good practice to decide where you want to locate your plant before you begin, as once loaded, fabric pots are flexible and are best left unmoved once planting concludes.

Position the fabric pot and fill it with your preferred substrate. Position your plant, ensuring that you take your time to water it comprehensively. Because fabric pots dry quicker than their conventional counterparts, you will probably need to water them more frequently, especially in warmer temperatures.

Where can I buy a Root Pouch Fabric Pot?

You can easily buy a Root Pouch Fabric Pot from our website.

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