Newa Maxi-Jet Series Universal Pump

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The Newa Maxi-Jet Series Universal Pump range can move large amounts of liquid efficiently and quietly.

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Newa Maxi-Jet Series Universal Pump

The Newa Maxi-Jet Series Universal Pump range can move large amounts of liquid efficiently and quietly.

All pumps in this series have high output with low power consumption, and they can work externally or safely submerged in water or nutrient solution.

This pump is suitable for use in many hydroponic growing systems, especially those that move nutrients to and from root zones, such as Flood and Drain, NFT, etc. They have several qualities and attributes, including:

  • Highly reliable and engineered for continuous use
  • Newa water pumps are top-quality products
  • Fitted with plastic pre-filter to prevent blockages
  • They require very little maintenance
  • They work either submerged or externally
  • Features a 360-degree waterproof rotating outlet
  • Highly durable and corrosion-proof plastic casing
  • Has mountable vibration-absorbing suction cups
  • Features a 12.5mm outlet on all pumps
  • Extremely quiet in operation
  • 2-metre mains cable with 13amp plug provided

How Does The Maxi-Jet Pump Work?

The Maxi-Jet Pump range is suitable for hydroponic systems and different types of nutrient delivery applications because they can move large volumes of fluids and are superb for enhancing the oxygen levels in your nutrient reservoir.

They are reliable, efficient and very quiet in operation. The plastic pre-filter that comes with these pumps helps prevent any problems with blockages in your system. Many growers will know just how vital it is to keep your system free of such blockages. It takes just one of these blockages to wreak devastating damage on your entire yield.

Growers who depend on pumps to move the nutrient solution to and from plant root zones will probably know firsthand that blockages leading to equipment failure can lead to horrible results.

If your plants’ root systems dry out, there is usually only a tiny window of time to correct matters before your plants suffer irreversible consequences.

Similarly, using such a good quality pump helps lower the incidence or risk of such damage happening to your plants while fostering a far better environment for your plants to thrive.

Using a pump of the standard that we’ve come to expect from the Maxi-Jet range helps ensure everything goes smoothly.

These pumps are powerful enough to send water upwards through a riser pipe which is 164cm tall at most, depending on which model of pump is in use. All pumps in this series come with an outlet point that easily rotates to point in any direction and can turn 360 degrees.

How Do I Use The Maxi-Jet Pump?

The Maxi-Jet Pump is perfect for any system which needs to move nutrients to and from plant root zones, so this would suit hydroponic systems such as Flood and Drain (also called Ebb and Flow), NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), Run-to-Waste Systems, Dripper Systems and so on.

To use these pumps, you should begin by connecting the product to an outlet pipe, using a mini hose clip to secure them together firmly. Then use the suction cups to attach the pump to the side of the reservoir and submerge it into the nutrient solution.

Each pump is supplied with instructions and comes wired ready for use with 2 metres of mains cable and plug.

In hard water areas, the manufacturers recommend descaling the pump regularly to stop any hard water deposits from building up. This product will fit 13mm flexible tubing.

Where Can I Buy The Newa Maxi-Jet Series Universal Pump?

You can buy the Newa Maxi-Jet Series Universal Pump conveniently from our site.

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