IWS Standard Pipe 16mm

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IWS Standard Pipe 16mm is a must-have for hydroponic setups. Made from food-grade material, it provides a clean and consistent flow of water and nutrients to plants. Available in two lengths, it is easy to install and use. Use alongside hydroponic reservoirs, air pumps and stones, nutrient solution, pH and EC meters, and light fixtures for a complete hydroponic setup. Get your IWS Standard Pipe 16mm today and start growing healthy hydroponic plants.

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IWS Standard Pipe 16mm: The Ideal Solution for Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic gardening is becoming increasingly popular among hobbyists and professional cultivators alike. It involves growing plants in nutrient-rich water instead of soil, leading to healthier, faster growing and higher-yielding plants. One of the critical components of any hydroponic system is the piping that carries water and nutrients to the plants. The IWS Standard Pipe 16mm is a handy piece of equipment for anyone looking to set up or upgrade their hydroponic system.

Using the IWS Standard Pipe 16mm in hydroponic systems offers several features and benefits. These include:

  • 16mm diameter provides ample flow capacity for many hydroponic systems
  • Available in two lengths, 15 and 30 metres, to suit your specific needs
  • Connects the Brain Bucket to the outer pots and the pots to one another
  • The high-quality material ensures it will last for many growing seasons to come.
  • Durable, flexible and easy to shape
  • Suitable for use in both Flood & Drain and Deep Water Culture systems
  • Promotes optimal plant growth by delivering water at the right time and the correct flow rate
  • Provides nutrient-rich solution directly to the roots of the plants in DWC systems

How does this product work?

IWS Standard Pipe is a high-quality, flexible, durable material designed to withstand the demands of hydroponic gardening. The 16mm diameter provides ample flow capacity for most hydroponic systems (and a 25mm Pro Pipe is available for those who require it). The tube can bend and shape to fit the contours of your setup, making it ideal for use with the IWS Flood & Drain and IWS Deep Water Culture systems, two of the most popular hydroponic systems currently available.

How do I use this product?

IWS Standard Pipe is straightforward to use. Use pipe cutters or sharp scissors to trim the pipe to the desired length. Warming the pipe end in hot water and pressing the fittings in, attach Tees and Elbows to the cut ends as needed. Then insert the pipe into the proper sealing glands and tighten.

The flexible nature of the tube means that it can be easily shaped and bent to fit into any setup. At the same time, the durable material ensures it will last for many growing seasons. The tubing is available in two lengths, 15 and 30 metres, so you can choose the perfect size to suit your needs.

Other hydroponic products that would be useful to use alongside IWS Standard Pipe Tubing 16mm

To get the most out of your hydroponic setup, we recommend that you use the following products alongside this one:

Flood & Drain System: This system uses a timer and a water pump to flood the grow tray with nutrient-rich water and drain it away, providing your plants with the perfect growing environment.
Deep Water Culture System: This system involves suspending the roots of the plants directly into a nutrient-rich solution, providing them with a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients.
Flexi Tank: This tank is the perfect solution for storing and transporting nutrient-rich water.
Brain Bucket: This bucket is the central control unit for your hydroponic system. It can easily connect with this tubing and other components of your setup.

One of the key advantages of using this 16mm piping in hydroponic systems is its versatility. As mentioned, it is suitable for use in both Flood & Drain and Deep Water Culture systems, making it a valuable addition to any hydroponic setup.

In conclusion, the IWS Standard Tubing is a versatile and essential component in hydroponic systems. It is suitable for use in Flood & Drain and Deep Water Culture systems. It offers several features and benefits to promote optimal plant growth. When used alongside other hydroponic products, it can help create a complete and successful hydroponic setup.

How do I buy IWS Standard Pipe 16mm?

You can easily buy IWS Standard Pipe from our online store.

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