IWS Flood and Drain Pro System (25mm)

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The IWS Flood and Drain Pro System (25mm) is a hydroponic system that automatically feeds your plants from a central tank; a brain bucket and a timer control the feeding schedule.

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IWS Flood and Drain Pro System (25mm)

The IWS Flood and Drain Pro System (25mm) is a hydroponic system that automatically feeds your plants from a central tank; a brain bucket and a timer control the feeding schedule.

This Pro version has 25mm pipework to increase the water flow around the system and improve results. It’s ideal as the basis of a hydroponic growing system, and it includes quite a few distinct attributes, including:

  • 25mm pipes for faster flood and drain and exact feeding
  • Complete Flood and Drain hydroponic growing system
  • Quiet in operation, as the pumps are hardly ever on
  • The pots sit on the floor, so this saves height
  • Useful remote timer (in 1-minute segments)
  • Effortless management as the pots fill from one reservoir
  • It has a versatile and modular layout, so you can position pots as you want
  • Generous 10-litre Pots
  • The system is expandable up to 48 pots
  • Low waste as the drained feed stores for recirculation
  • Very high oxygen levels, which is better for roots, growth and nutrient uptake
  • Simple to assemble and program

How does this Flood & Drain system work?

This Flood and Drain Pro 25mm system is a highly sophisticated hybrid technology, and it works by flooding from the bottom of the pots, which are a generous 10.3 litres each.

It uses gravity feed to ensure water is sent to the pots and uses its pumps solely to fill and drain the central 25-litre bucket. Two magnetic float switches are inside to control the pumps in the reservoir and the brain bucket.

The floats control the flood level in the growing medium with great accuracy to stop any over-watering or the risk of flooding. The water travels through the buckets and growing media, and as it does so, it gets rid of all the old air in the growing media around the root zone and replaces this stale air with new oxygen as it drains away. This process boosts the plants each time the system starts a new feeding cycle.

How do I use this Flood & Drain system?

The 25mm pipes in this system speed up the flood and drain process, and the feeding is very accurate. A 1-minute remote timer is in the package for even more precision.

It’s easy to set the timer, and because it’s remote, it’s not attached to your system. Therefore you can put it in a handy location, up to 2 metres from your control unit.

The layout here is flexible so that you can position pots wherever you want; each one is connected to the central feeding tank individually or in groups.

The waste is low because all the drained feed stores between floods. So this will run very quietly as well because the pump is hardly ever on.

Using clay pebbles is preferable as they can hold lots of air but hardly any nutrients. Because of these properties, they are just perfect for the flood and drain method.

Either that or you can flood less often by mixing 20 to 40% coco with 60 to 80% clay pebbles. This mix will hold much more water, so you can flood less often. You can either mix this yourself or buy it already pre-mixed.

Check out our growing tips and advice section, which features an article explaining the Flood & Drain hydroponic setup in greater detail.


There are several permutations within this system. You’re able to specify which you want from the drop-down menu above.

Where Can I Buy The IWS Flood and Drain Pro System (25mm)?

You can easily buy the IWS Flood and Drain Pro System (25mm) from our online shop.

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