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The AutoPot Easy2Grow Kit is a hydroponic setup that offers maximum yield potential with minimal maintenance. It allows you to water and feed your plants without needing pumps or timers and is popular with commercial growers worldwide. With its efficient, easy-to-use design, the AutoPot Easy2Grow Kit is an excellent choice for those looking to grow plants hydroponically.

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AutoPot Easy2Grow Kit: The Ultimate Hydroponic Solution for Optimal Growth

Are you seeking a hydroponic system offering a maintenance-free growing experience, maximum yield, and minimal water waste? Look no further than the AutoPot Easy2Grow Kit. Commercial growers worldwide use this system to give plants everything they need to grow without needing pumps, timers, or electricity. With its 8.5-litre pots, the easy2grow kit will water and feed your plants, ensuring optimal growth without any fuss. 

Features and Benefits

Here are some handy features and benefits of using the Easy2Grow in your hydroponic setup:

  • Maintenance-free: The easy2grow is entirely maintenance-free, allowing you to focus on growing your plants without worrying about constantly monitoring and adjusting the system. 
  • Water-efficient: Unlike traditional hydroponic systems, the easy2grow kit wastes no water. This feature makes it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option for growers. 
  • Maximum yield: The easy2grow kit gives plants everything they require to grow to their fullest potential. This benefit means you can expect better results and healthier plants when using this system. 
  • Versatile: Whether you’re a hobbyist or a commercial grower, the easy2grow is versatile enough to meet your needs. You can start with a simple starter kit and expand as needed with additional extension kits. 
  • Easy to use: With no pumps, timers, or electricity needed, the easy2grow kit is straightforward. Fill the pots with your chosen growing medium, add your plants, and let the system do the rest. 

How Does an Easy2Grow Kit Work?

The Easy2Grow Kit uses a gravity-fed irrigation system to water and feed your plants. The system consists of a water tank containing nutrient-rich water and a series of 8.5-litre pots filled with a growing medium. An intelligent valve system regulates water flow from the tank to the pots, ensuring each plant gets the proper water and nutrients. 

Because the system is gravity-fed, there is no need for pumps, timers, or electricity. This feature makes the system incredibly easy to use and also very efficient. This kit eliminates the need for moving parts, reducing the risk of system failure and making it more reliable.

How Do I Use the Easy2Grow Kit?

Using an Easy2Grow is incredibly simple. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Fill the water tank with nutrient-rich water.
  2. Fill each of the 8.5-litre pots with your chosen growing medium.
  3. Add your plants to the pots. 
  4. Connect the pots to the smart valve system using the included tubing. 
  5. Sit back and watch the system do the rest! The smart valve system will regulate the water flow to each pot, ensuring that your plants get the correct water and nutrients. 

Recommended Products

If you’re interested in this AutoPot kit, you may also want to consider these other products from the same brand:

  • AutoPot AirDome: The AutoPot AirDome is a simple accessory that can help improve the health and growth of your plants. By adding oxygen to the root zone, the AirDome can help your plants absorb nutrients more efficiently and grow faster. 
  • AutoPot Root Control Discs: These discs prevent roots from clogging the smart valve system. Placing a Root Control Disc at the bottom of each pot can help ensure the system works smoothly and efficiently. 
  • AutoPot FlexiTank: If you need a reliable and flexible water storage solution, the AutoPot FlexiTank is an excellent option. Available in various sizes, the FlexiTank is easy to set up and works with any AutoPot system. 

Overall, the Easy2Grow System is a fantastic choice for hydroponically growing plants. With its maintenance-free design, water-efficient operation, and maximum yield potential, it’s no wonder why worldwide commercial growers rely on this system. And with its easy-to-use design and versatile options, it’s also an excellent choice for hobbyists and home growers. So why wait? Start growing with the Easy2Grow System today and see the difference for yourself!

How can I buy an AutoPot Easy2Grow Kit?

You can easily buy an AutoPot Easy2Grow Kit from our online store.

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