Jack Chain 10m


The Jack Chain 10m is a strong steel chain that is most suitable for suspending reflectors, fans, carbon filters, ducting and similar weighty equipment that you’ll find in any busy growing room or grow tent.

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Jack Chain 10m

This Jack Chain 10m is a strong steel chain most suited for suspending reflectors, fans, carbon filters, ducting and comparable heavy equipment that you’ll find in any busy growing room or tent. It’s a convenient, reliable and inexpensive way to hang heavy objects.

This product is ideal for use in all types of hydroponic setups, and it includes a good number of handy features and benefits, including:

Strong steel Jack Chain
2.5mm in Width
10 Metre length
Ideal for hanging reflectors, filters etc.
Inexpensive and easy-to-use

How does this product work?

This product is a handy piece of equipment for any hydroponic grower regardless of experience level. Typically you would use a Jack Chain when setting up your lighting or grow tent air extraction system.

An extraction system consists of three main components: a duct fan, a carbon filter and lengths of ducting to carry the air from the grow space.

Once you have prepared and connected your carbon filter to your duct fan, you must add a ducting section before reaching for the jack chain to begin suspending your air extraction system.

How do I use a Jack Chain?

This product is a robust, effective, inexpensive way to suspend any heavy items used in your hydroponic growing room or grow tent. Use it to suspend carbon filters, fans, and lighting equipment from the ceiling, tent frame, or an appropriate fixing point. You can suspend these from a suitable item, such as a Chain Plate with Hook, which can support any weight up to 10kg.

Cut the chain into two halves, using one for each end of your ventilation unit and hold them together, allowing the folded section to hang – this is the mid-way point. Use pliers to release the nearest link piece and separate the two parts before using pliers to reseal the link.

If you’re setting up a grow space for the first time, you may find our growing advice article, “Advantages of using a grow tent in a hydroponics system“, a helpful piece of information.

Where do I buy a Jack Chain 10m?

You can easily buy your Jack Chain from our site.

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