Dimlux Maxi Controller


The Dimlux Maxi Controller is a state-of-the-art device that completely controls your hydroponic lighting system. It ensures optimal plant growth conditions with advanced features such as temperature and humidity sensors and the ability to control up to 160 Dimlux Expert Series lights. Say goodbye to stressful start-ups and enjoy power savings with the Dimlux Maxi Controller.

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Dimlux Maxi Controller: The Ultimate Solution for Hydroponic Growing

If you are an avid hydroponic gardener, you understand the importance of light, temperature, and CO2 control in plant growth. To achieve this, you need a reliable system that can help you monitor and regulate these factors accurately. Introducing the Dimlux Maxi Controller, the ultimate solution for hydroponic growing.

How does this product work?

The Dimlux Maxi is a modular control system designed to control and monitor your hydroponic setup’s Dimlux lighting system, fan, and heating system. Depending on the selected sensors, it can regulate CO2, vapour pressure deficit (VPD), and plant temperature.

The Maxi can control up to 160 Dimlux Expert fixtures or Xtreme ballasts. You can switch the lighting on or off silently using the built-in timer and vary the lighting output until you reach the desired intensity. 

This Dimlux Controller also adjusts the output based on the room temperature, automatically dimming the lights once the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. If the temperature is still high, it can switch off half or all the fixtures until reaching the desired temperature.

The Maxi Controller also has a thermostat/hygrostat function that can regulate the level of CO2 in a closed room using a highly accurate dual-beam CO2 sensor. The CO2 sensor can control CO2 generators and cold CO2 installations. Moreover, the Maxi can simulate sunrise and sunset, gradually switching the lights on and off to prevent stress and promote plant growth.

How do I use this product?

The Dimlux Maxi is easy to set up and use. You can connect the Dimlux lighting system directly to a wall socket and set when to switch it on and off. You can also adjust the lighting intensity using the + and – buttons.

The Maxi also works with asynchronous times, reducing the total cycles by almost 20%. You can combine a temperature and humidity sensor with a plant temperature sensor to achieve optimal plant growth. The values obtained from the sensors are analysed and combined to achieve the optimum ratio between temperature, humidity, plant temperature, and VPD.

Features and Benefits

  • The Maxi offers precise Dimlux lighting, fan, and heating system control, promoting optimal plant growth in hydroponic setups.
  • It regulates CO2, temperature, humidity, and VPD, using highly accurate sensors to create an optimum environment for your plants.
  • The built-in timer allows silent switching on or off of the lighting system and can regulate lighting intensity until achieving the desired output.
  • This Controller has a thermostat/hygrostat function, which can regulate CO2 levels using a dual-beam CO2 sensor that controls CO2 generators and cold CO2 installations.
  • The product is modular, allowing for the addition of the AUX BOX, FAN/AUX BOX, CO2 sensor, CO2 Gas Protect sensor, a plant temperature camera, an RH sensor, and a temperature sensor, giving you even more control over your hydroponic setup.

The Dimlux Maxi Controller works best with the Dimlux lighting system, but it is also compatible with other hydroponic products such as:

In conclusion, the Dimlux Maxi is an advanced and versatile lighting control system that precisely controls lighting intensity, temperature, and humidity. Its intuitive interface, easy-to-use controls, and powerful automation features make it an ideal solution for hydroponic growers looking to optimise their plant growth and increase their yields.

By connecting a range of sensors, growers can collect valuable data on their crops and adjust the lighting and environmental conditions to create the perfect growing environment. The Maxi Controller is also compatible with a wide range of hydroponic equipment, allowing growers to create a complete, integrated system that meets their specific needs.

If you want to take your hydroponic growing to the next level, the Dimlux Maxi Controller is an excellent investment that will pay dividends in terms of increased yields, healthier plants, and greater control over your growing environment.

Where do I buy a Dimlux Maxi Controller Evo?

You can easily buy a Dimlux Maxi Controller Evo from our website.

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