Dimlux Expert Series 1000w DE EL

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Experience the pinnacle of indoor gardening with the Dimlux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF Nanotube. This advanced lighting system offers unparalleled efficiency and control, featuring a 400 Volt Pro HPS lamp and an Ultra Optics 98% efficient reflector. Optimised for hydroponic growth, it ensures healthier plants and increased yields, all while maintaining energy efficiency. Ideal for professional and aspiring growers alike, this fixture is a critical investment for thriving indoor gardens.

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Unleash the Power of Growth with Cutting-Edge Hydroponic Technology

Welcome to the future of indoor gardening! The Dimlux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF Nanotube isn’t just another hydroponic light; it’s a significant advancement in your quest for lush, thriving plants. Dimlux crafts this complete fixture perfectly. It includes the Ultra Optics Reflector, designed to maximise your growing space’s potential. Whether you’re a newbie grower or a veteran, the Dimlux 1000W DE brings professional-grade equipment to your fingertips, transforming your indoor garden into a haven of efficiency and productivity.

Product Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • High-Efficiency Lighting: It is equipped with a 400-volt HPS lamp, which offers superior efficiency compared to standard HPS lamps. You get more light per watt, ensuring your plants receive the best possible illumination.
  • Improved Yield and Healthier Plants: Expect at least a 10% higher yield with healthier plant growth. The cooler, whiter light reduces the risk of heat damage, fostering a healthier growing environment.
  • Ultra Optics Reflector Design: Based on the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle, Miro Silver mirrors achieve an unparalleled 98% efficiency – the highest in horticultural reflectors.
  • Extended Lamp Life: The Philips Master GreenPower Plus 1000W lamp maintains efficiency and output longer than standard HPS lamps, with a lifespan of at least a year, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Sophisticated Cooling System: The lamp’s nanotube design allows for passive cooling, which extends its life and efficiency. Optional add-on reflectors further minimise wall loss.
  • Versatile Control Options: It comes with a dim button for seven dim levels and an off mode, and it is compatible with the Maxi Controller for on/off switching and stepless dimming. This flexibility lets you tailor the light intensity to your plants’ specific needs.
  • Large Illumination Surface: This surface covers a minimum of 1.4m² (15.06ft²) and a maximum of 4m² (43.05ft²), ensuring that even large grow spaces receive adequate light.
  • Energy Efficient: Despite its powerful output, it operates at a typical 230 volts, making it a cost-effective solution for your indoor garden.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Measuring 675 x 275 x 130mm (26.5″ x 10.8″ x 5.1″) and weighing just 6.3kg (13.88 lbs), its design fits seamlessly into your grow space without taking up excessive room.

Understanding the mechanics of the Dimlux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF Nanotube is key to appreciating its value in your hydroponic setup. This fixture isn’t any ordinary light source; it’s an advanced, integrated solution designed to optimise plant growth and maximise yields.

The Science Behind the Light:

At the heart of this system is the 400 Volt Pro HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lamp. Unlike standard HPS lamps, the Pro HPS operates at a higher voltage and lower current. This unique combination allows it to produce more light per watt, making it significantly more efficient. What does this mean for your plants? They receive a more intense yet balanced spectrum of light, critical for promoting healthy growth and maximising yield.

Reflective Efficiency:

The Ultra Optics Reflector, included with the Dimlux Expert Series, employs the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle combined with Miro Silver mirrors. This design directs almost all lamp light to your plants. With an efficiency rate of 98%, it’s one of the most effective reflectors in the hydroponics market, ensuring your plants get the maximum possible benefit from every watt of power used.

Cooling and Temperature Management:

Heat can be a significant issue in grow rooms, often leading to stressed plants. The Dimlux system addresses this with its innovative nanotube design. This setup allows for passive cooling of the lamp, reducing the risk of heat damage to your plants. The optional add-on reflectors enhance this effect, further minimising heat and ensuring an optimal growing environment.

Customisable Light Intensity:

The Dimlux Expert Series offers unparalleled control over your lighting environment. With seven dimmable settings and a boost option to increase the output to 1200 Watts, you can tailor the light intensity to the specific needs of your plants at varying growth stages. This level of control is essential for optimising plant growth and maximising yields.

Why Hydroponic Gardeners Need It:

For hydroponic gardeners, the quality of light is as crucial as water and nutrients. The Dimlux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF Nanotube provides not just light but the right kind of light. Its efficiency, combined with the sophisticated cooling system and customisable settings, makes it a top choice for anyone serious about maximising their indoor garden’s potential. Whether you’re cultivating delicate herbs or robust vegetables, this lighting system ensures your plants have exactly what they need to thrive.

Using the Dimlux 1000W Nanotube in your hydroponic setup is straightforward, but it’s essential to understand the process to get the most out of your investment. Here’s a detailed guide to help you integrate this advanced lighting system into your grow room confidently.

1. Setting Up the Fixture:

  • Placement: Start by deciding where to place the fixture in your grow room. It should be centred above your plants to ensure even light distribution. Keep in mind the illumination surface area to maximise the effectiveness.
  • Hanging the Light: Use sturdy rope ratchets to suspend the fixture. The unit weighs 6.3kg, so ensure your hangers can support this weight safely. The light should not be too close to the ceiling or the plants to avoid heat damage.

2. Connecting to Power:

  • Power Connection: The Dimlux system operates on 230 volts, common in most areas. Connect the 4-metre power cord provided to your mains power supply.
  • Safety Check: Ensure all connections are secure and that water does not come into contact with the electrical parts.

3. Using the Maxi Controller:

  • Initial Setup: For optimal use, connect the Dimlux fixture to the Maxi Controller (sold separately). This device allows you to control up to 160 lights, making it perfect for scaling your operation.
  • Connection: Connect two Dimlux units directly to the Maxi Controller using connection wires. You can add more units by daisy-chaining them from the initial two.

4. Adjusting the Settings:

  • Dimming Function: Use the Dim Button to adjust the light intensity according to your plant’s growth stage. There are seven dim levels and an off mode, providing you with complete control.
  • Boost Mode: The boost function allows you to increase the light intensity up to 1200 Watts, which can be particularly beneficial during crucial growth phases.

5. Managing Temperature:

  • Utilising Nanotube Technology: If your grow room temperature tends to rise, use the nanotube feature to cool the lamp actively. This process will not only improve the lamp’s efficiency and lifespan but also create a more favourable environment for your plants.

6. Maintenance:

  • Regular Checks: Periodically check the fixture for any signs of wear or damage. Keep the reflector clean to maintain its efficiency.
  • Lamp Replacement: To ensure your plants receive the best-quality light, replace the Philips Master GreenPower Plus 1000W lamp at least once a year.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to use this light fixture effectively in your hydroponic setup. This system’s design is user-friendly while offering professional-level control and efficiency, giving you everything you need to nurture your plants and boost your yields. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out this Lighting Intro Video on the Dimlux YouTube channel.

What does the Dimlux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF Nanotube come with?

When you purchase this product, you’ll receive a comprehensive package that includes everything needed to enhance your hydroponic setup:

  • Xtreme Ballast, which is integral to the system’s efficiency.
  • Ultra Optics 98 Reflector for maximum light distribution.
  • A high-performing Philips Master GreenPower Plus 1000W Lamp.
  • 4-metre power cord, providing ample reach for setup flexibility.

What Increase in Yield and ROI Can I Expect by Using the Dimlux 1000W DE?

The Dimlux 1000W DE can significantly boost your yield and ROI. Thanks to its superior lighting and reflector design, you can expect at least a 10% increase in yield compared to standard HPS systems. This boost translates into substantial financial gains, especially in commercial setups. Given the right environmental conditions, the enhanced light quality and intensity can lead to healthier plants and more abundant harvests, maximising your return on investment.

What Is the Maximum PPFD a Dimlux 1000W DE Can Generate?

The Dimlux 1000W DE, especially when operating in its 1200W “boost” mode, is capable of generating a PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) of 2445 μmol/s. This high level of light intensity is crucial for promoting vigorous plant growth and ensuring that your plants receive the optimal amount of light for photosynthesis, resulting in healthier, more productive crops.

  • Dimlux Maxi Controller: The perfect companion for your Dimlux lighting system. This controller allows for precise management of up to 160 lights, including the Dimlux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF Nanotube. It offers features like sunrise/sunset simulation, temperature-driven dimming, and CO2 sensor integration, making it an essential tool for optimising your grow room’s environment. Pairing it with the Dimlux 1000W DE ensures seamless control and maximised efficiency in your hydroponic setup.
  • Philips Green Power Grow Lamp 1000W: This high-performance lamp is a must-have for serious growers. Designed to work flawlessly with the Dimlux Expert Series, it offers a spectrum specifically tailored for hydroponic growth, promoting strong, healthy plants. The Philips Green Power Grow Lamp ensures deep canopy penetration and optimal light distribution, enhancing the effectiveness of your Dimlux lighting setup.
  • Grow Bitz Rope Ratchets: Installing and adjusting your lighting system has never been easier. These rope ratchets are sturdy, reliable, and capable of carrying up to 68 kg, which is ample for precisely positioning your Dimlux Expert Series light. They allow for quick height adjustments, ensuring your plants receive the ideal light intensity throughout their growth cycle. Their ease of use and durability make them indispensable tools for managing your hydroponic grow space efficiently.

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