G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier Pro


The G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier Pro produces relatively large amounts of water vapour in the form of mist to regulate the humidity in your growing area.

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G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier Pro

The G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier Pro produces relatively large amounts of water vapour in the form of mist to regulate the humidity in your growing area.

It features a 150mm spout which is highly directional, and 6.5 litres every hour maximum output. It’s fitted with a water intake instead of a tank, avoiding the need to check water levels regularly. It has an automatic shut-down function to prevent damage to its ultrasonic ceramic disks.

This unit is suitable for use in hydroponic systems as it offers you several qualities and attributes, and they include:

  • Provides up to 6.5 litres of mist every hour – can be output anywhere via outlet funnel
  • Works with the G.A.S Intelligent Humidity Controller
  • It has a built-in overflow valve and drain plug
  • For optimum growing are humidity and happier plants, faster growth and larger yields
  • Directly connects to a header tank which tops up automatically through an internal float valve
  • Accurate humidity levels improve all phases of plant growth, including the late flowering stage
  • It switches off automatically when water levels run low to protect ceramic disks and fan
  • The indicator light goes red when water levels are running low
  • Replaceable ceramic disks are available
  • It works in several settings, such as propagation rooms, greenhouses, and orchid/mushroom cultivation.
  • Functional design and made from hard-wearing moulded durable plastic
  • Quick and easy to install and has wheels for ready mobility
  • It runs very quietly at less than 35 dB
  • It has a manufacturer’s 1-year guarantee for total peace of mind.

How Does it Work?

The SonicAir Pro will always provide you with the optimum humidity levels for your growing area relative to the stage of plant growth. It has a functional and highly durable design that turns reverse osmosis water into a fine mist using its ten ceramic ultrasonic disks.

The mist transmits via the outlet funnel, which is fully rotatable 360°, allowing you to aim precisely at dry areas; alternatively, it could be connected to a duct of 150mm, giving extra accuracy when humidifying.

This product provides weeks of continuous use and hands-off functionality with header tanks attached (several are compatible).

Plants need water and consist primarily of water; because of this, the health of plants depends on the relative humidity in the immediate vicinity.

Leaves will lose water through evaporation via the stomata. If the relative humidity is too low, plants will lose some water to the air, to the plants’ detriment, causing stress, wilting and poor general health. Increasing moisture will improve transpiration, cell division and nutrient uptake in your plants, leading to better yields and a better quality crop.

Use only reverse osmosis (RO) water with it, which goes into a separate header tank; the amount of water the unit contains at any time regulates via an internal float valve.

The SonicAir Pro uses ten ceramic disks and a diaphragm, vibrating at high intensity, which creates a cooling mist of water vapour, propelled to the outlet spout using the built-in fan unit. This water vapour can then be directed into any dry or more arid area of the growing space or sent into 150mm ducting to be used elsewhere in your growing room.

This product has an overflow valve in case of unwanted potential spills, and this water is directable to a drain point. If you need to drain the system completely, there’s a plug under the unit.

If the RO water levels drop too low, the unit’s LED light will indicate this low water level. An automatic shut-off cuts power to the fan and ceramic discs, protecting all of these essential components from any damage that may occur while in use.

How Do I Use The G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier Pro?

Place the SonicAir Pro on a level surface, for example, the floor or a work unit. It should be in a ventilated area and placed at the growing room’s intake end. Then connect the water supply to its water inlet at the side of the product. It will start to fill up until stopped automatically by the action of the float valve.

If you are using the G.A.S. Intelligent Humidity Controller to regulate it, connect the SonicAir Pro to this controller using either exit plug on the side. When this is connected, you should navigate through the menu system on the front panel to find the SonicAir Pro and start configuring it according to how you want it to work. The controller unit will then be able to take control of the flow of water vapour mist produced by the product using its probe.


  • Maintains the perfect relative humidity for your plants
  • 150mm directional spout
  • Auto shut-down function
  • Maximum output: 6.5 litres per hour
  • It runs quietly at less than 35 dB
  • It comes with a UK plug for easy setup
  • 1-year guarantee

Where Can I Buy The G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier Pro?

You can easily buy the G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier Pro from our online shop.

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