Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller


The Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller efficiently optimises carbon dioxide levels. Plug the CO2 source into it to monitor CO2 concentrations and maintain optimal levels.

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Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller

The Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller efficiently optimises carbon dioxide levels. Plug the CO2 source into it to monitor CO2 concentrations and maintain optimal levels.

This item is ideal for use in hydroponic growing setups as it provides several valuable benefits and features, including:

  • Assists in maximising photosynthesis efficiency for rapid growth and larger yields
  • It comes with all the parts necessary to mount the controller and suspend its sensor
  • Enables you to opt for settings of 400ppm to 2000ppm
  • Releases CO2 automatically whenever needed to gain optimal levels
  • Offers plug-and-play functionality which monitors the CO2 levels in your growing room
  • It will never waste any CO2 as it only treats the environment when necessary
  • Works well with Autopilot CO2 generators or with the Dimlux CO2 Regulator
  • Complete with manufacturer’s 1-year guarantee for total peace of mind
  • Supplied with a built-in photocell to recognise dark periods
  • Easy as anything to program and has a clear display screen
  • It can connect to a fan to bring local CO2 levels down whenever needed
  • Fitted with its own UK 3-pin plug as standard

How does this controller work?

This controller makes optimising your carbon dioxide levels very easy. Just plug it in and plug your CO2 source into the product. You’ll then be able to monitor the CO2 concentrations and achieve optimal levels automatically.

It has an integral light sensor, so it will know to stop dosing during dark periods.

For the best results, growers should focus on ensuring their plants photosynthesise as efficiently as possible. Optimise the environmental conditions with temperature and moisture levels, allowing leaf stomata to stay open.

Photosynthesis is when plants use light energy to break down carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen. This carbon makes plant sugars and releases oxygen into the air.

When your environment is optimal, you’ll be able to push things further by increasing the CO2 content in the growing room air.
Typical CO2 levels are about 360 ppm, but plants can handle more than three times that before they become prone to toxicity.

With additional CO2 to hand, your plants can produce more sugars, which speeds up their overall growth rate, causing their fruits or flowers to increase in size, sometimes massively. In this context, it will be no surprise that the horticultural industry frequently utilises this CO2 supplementation.

This product is one of the simplest ways to maintain ideal CO2 levels.

It used to be the case that hydroponic growers would have to guess how much carbon dioxide to add based on the size of their growing room or tent. But the Pro-Leaf gathers its CO2 data by using a sensor which allows it to dose much more accurately and based on actual conditions. All you need to do is suspend the sensor in a suitable location, plug in the controller and plug your CO2 source (a burner or a bottle) directly into the controller.

How do I use this controller?

This controller is straightforward to use with clear instructions. Here’s an overview of these:

  1. Press the PPM dial and select the PPM set-point.
  2. Press the ‘Deadband’ dial and select the deadband level.
    Deadband works much the same way as hysteresis in that it decides how far you’re willing to allow the PPM to deviate before correcting this automatically. The smaller the deadband setting, the quicker the product will respond.
  3. Choose your ‘control mode’ setting using the switch on the bottom right-hand side. The ‘PPM Up’ setting increases CO2 levels with a gas-powered CO2 generator. Use the ‘Fuzzy Logic’ setting to use a CO2 bottle and regulator. The ‘PPM Down’ setting regulates fans so that they start up when the CO2 levels become too high.

This last option will rarely be used in growing rooms as the primary function will be related to increasing CO2 levels.

There is a ‘Max / Min’ option showing PPM’s maximum and minimum levels when you are away. To activate this, you need to click both buttons simultaneously.

You should always keep this product 2.5 metres or more away from digital ballasts.

Also, be aware that the product does not work with a sulphur vapouriser. If you want to use one, you should first remove the product’s sensor from the area.


  • Max Current: 10 amps
  • Sensor Cord Length: 4.5m (15 feet)
  • Control Range: 400ppm to 2000ppm
  • CO2 Accuracy: 100ppm
  • Weight: 1kg (2.2 lb.)


  • 1 x CO2 Controller (with a 2-pin socket for the CO2 source)
  • 1 x 2-pin plug (for wiring to the CO2 source)
  • 1 x CO2 Sensor
  • 1 x set of fixings for the controller
  • 1 x user manual

Where can I buy the Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller?

You can easily buy the Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller from our site.

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