Autopilot CO2 Generator

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The Autopilot CO2 Generator creates carbon dioxide by burning off the propane using different burners and ignitors, which are electronically triggered. There is no pilot light necessary for this innovative product.

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Autopilot CO2 Generator

The Autopilot CO2 Generator creates carbon dioxide by burning off the propane using four different burners and ignitors, which are electronically triggered. There is no pilot light necessary for this innovative product.

The generators are very easy to use and economical; the manufacturers claim that you can increase your yields by 20%. It also has a host of safety features for your peace of mind.

An ideal product for use in hydroponic growing systems as it offers hydroponic growers certain distinct attributes and features, including:

  • Better and more economical alternative to CO2 cylinders
  • Very easy to use
  • Two-stage safety pilot valve
  • Solid-state electronic integral ignition as standard, so no pilot light is necessary.
  • Manufactured from rust-resistant powder-coated steel
  • High quality engineered burners made of brass
  • Different options are available, which run on natural gas or propane
  • The tip-over switch cuts off the gas source if the product tips or falls over
  • Shut down LED error warning indicator lights if a serious problem occurs

How Does it Work?

The Autopilot CO2 Generator works through burning off gas, an action that releases CO2 into the air. The 4-burner version can enhance CO2 levels in rooms 16m2 or less, and the 8-burner version can handle rooms of 32m2 or less.

The sugars in plant matter derive from the air by splitting carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen during photosynthesis. Because of this, when you have taken care of all the other environmental issues, increasing the room’s carbon dioxide can assist in boosting your yields by as much as 20%.

This product comes with an abundance of safety features so that you’re able to run it with total peace of mind. The integral safety switch will automatically turn off the gas supply if the product tips over. In addition to that, the two-stage pilot valve makes sure that gas isn’t able to flow through when the product isn’t actually in use.

A pilot light isn’t needed to ignite the gases. It uses a solid-state ignition system instead, which adds a further layer of security to the product’s functions while in operation.

The product is supplied with all the necessary hanging accessories to suspend it in a good location. Because CO2 is heavier than air, it will naturally fall downwards as released, so it’s best to locate it high up.

The base of the product will require unrestricted airflow while in use, so for reasons of safety, suspending it is essential.

A side effect of using gas to create carbon dioxide is excess heat. But it is less well known that burning gas also increases the levels of atmospheric humidity. The vast majority of users of this product will be using it in conjunction with an Opticlimate Air Conditioning Unit that makes it part of a ‘closed loop’ system and prevents the carbon dioxide from being sucked directly from the growing space by an extractor fan.

The manufacturers recommend using an OptiClimate air conditioner with more heating and cooling power than is needed for your grow lights. This spare capacity ensures that you can handle the additional moisture and heat.

Why Use CO2?

All plants need CO2 to carry out the process known as photosynthesis, which produces sugar. If CO2 is restricted, then there is minimal sugar production. Plants can deal with between 1,000 and 1,200ppm of CO2. If there is very little in the air – say between 400 and 450ppm – they’ll have difficulty with that; in fact, that amount is less than half the amount they can comfortably use. Therefore, adding extra CO2 is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to increase the production of sugar, which will increase the yield by up to 20%. In the summer months, extra carbon dioxide will also help plants avoid heat stress and thereby increase the rate of photosynthesis.

How to Use?

Setting up the Autopilot CO2 Generator unit will be different depending on the model you choose and needs to be done by someone technically qualified or at least competent in this area of work and who has had experience in installing this kind of unit. In any event, full instructions come with the product.


  • 4-Burner CO2 Generator: suitable for rooms of 16m2 or less
  • 8-BurnerCO2 Generator: suitable for rooms of 32m2 or less

Where Do I Buy The Autopilot CO2 Generator?

You can easily buy the Autopilot CO2 generator from our online store here.

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