Nano Nutrients 10-9 Root Plus

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Nano Nutrients 10-9 Root Plus totally redefines plant nutrition with a blend of patented nano-silica and plant stimulants.

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Nano Nutrients 10-9 Root Plus

Nano Nutrients 10-9 Root Plus redefines plant nutrition and the ingredients that work best together. A blend of patented nano-silica and plant stimulants contribute to two products in the same package, but this has none of the issues with pH that you’ll find elsewhere.

The nano-silica improves a plant’s ability to stand up to diseases and pests, so you have less to worry about when using this product. Strong roots will lead to better fruit and flowers and higher yields.

Root Plus provides an excellent foundation for your plants from the very start and contains everything that a plant needs to thrive and flourish, all in the same bottle. It’s ideal for use in hydroponic growing systems and incorporates several worthwhile qualities and attributes, and they include:

  • It makes use of nanotechnology and lysine chelation for maximum absorption and uptake
  • Considerably enhances plant resistance to diseases, pests and environmental stress
  • Improves chlorophyll production leading to better photosynthesis rates
  • Increases the growth of new roots and improves the existing root system
  • Provides the means to produce a more robust plant structure
  • Potent stimulant for rooting and nano-silica product
  • Works very well in any growing medium or system

How Does it Work?

Root Plus is the result of some breakthrough science in nanotechnology. Nanoparticles are 3,000 times smaller than ordinary nutrient particles. Therefore, the delivery of nanoparticles promotes far healthier plant growth and enhances harvest yields. These are attributes of the nano revolution, which have manifestly improved and transformed many other sectors.

This product makes nutrients easier to absorb and transport. Lysine is used as a chelating agent to enhance absorption levels, and plants can use the additional lysine to control their growth, stimulate responses and build proteins.

This process engenders vigorous plant growth while solving a series of everyday, nutrient-based problems such as lockouts and pH fluctuations. It contains several growth stimulants that quicken the development of new, more robust roots while increasing the health of the existing roots.

These stimulants affect the whole plant, making the foundation for better yields at harvest later on. The presence of nano-silica heightens these improvements. Such silicon products are known for toughening plants, increasing stem and branch sizes and enabling them to support far bigger fruits. Nano-silica accelerates things further by utilising the latest patented technology. Root Plus is the most highly bio-available form of silica you can get, and it will not affect your nutrient solution’s pH levels.

How to Use?

Add Root Plus to your reservoir at a concentration of 1ml per litre of nutrient solution. You can begin using it right from the start of the plant’s veg stage and continue until week 5. It works best with other products in the Nano Nutrients 10⁻⁹ range but will also work well with other brands of base nutrients.

How Do I Buy Nano Nutrients 10-9 Root Plus?

You can easily buy Nano Nutrients 10-9 Root Plus from our site.

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