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The AutoPot AQUAvalve is a crucial component for precise watering control in hydroponic setups. With no need for electricity or pumps, this power-free valve uses simple gravity pressure to control water flow to your plants. Choose AQUAvalve5 for 9mm pipe and fittings, or opt for the original AQUAvalve to replace older versions with 6mm pipe and fittings. Keep your hydroponic garden thriving with AutoPot AQUAvalve.

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AutoPot AQUAvalve5 – The Power-Free Plant-Controlled Watering Solution

Are you tired of constantly monitoring your plants’ watering needs? Do you want a simple, power-free solution that puts your plants in control of their own hydration? Look no further than the AQUAvalve5 from AutoPot.

The AQUAvalve5 features a 66% larger inlet than its predecessor; the new design provides the broadest range of nutrients in a faster flow for quicker fills and maximum system efficiency. Plus, with compatibility with 9mm, 9-16mm, and 16mm pipework and fittings, this valve is versatile enough to fit any hydroponic setup.

But what sets the AQUAvalve5 apart is its power-free, plant-controlled design. Once connected to the water supply, this valve uses simple gravity pressure from a reservoir to control water flow to your plants. No pumps, mains water pressure, electricity, or timers are required – sit back and watch your plants thrive.

How does this product work?

The AQUAvalve5 uses a simple but effective mechanism to keep your plants hydrated. When you first connect the valve to the water supply, it opens to supply water to a 20mm depth and then closes. Once the plants have used that supply, the AQUAvalve reopens to repeat the cycle.

This process means there’s no need to second-guess your plants’ watering needs or constantly adjust complicated systems. The AQUAvalve5 gives your plants control, giving them the right amount of water when needed.

How do I use the AutoPot AQUAvalve5?

Using the AQUAvalve5 is incredibly easy. Connect it to your water supply, and let gravity do the rest. There’s no need to adjust timers or monitor your plants’ needs – the valve does everything for you.

Plus, with compatibility with a range of pipework and fittings, it’s easy to integrate the AQUAvalve5 into your existing hydroponic setup. And with a reduced risk of blockages and easier maintenance, you can focus on what matters – growing healthy, vibrant plants.

Features and Benefits:

  • Power-free, plant-controlled watering for effortless growth
  • 66% larger inlet for a broader range of nutrients and faster flow. Compatible with 9mm, 9-16mm, and 16mm pipework and fittings for maximum versatility
  • Reduces the risk of blockages and requires minimal maintenance
  • Provides the right amount of water when plants need it, eliminating the need for timers and constant monitoring

Other Compatible AutoPot Products:

If you want to expand your hydroponic setup, AutoPot offers a range of products compatible with the AQUAvalve5. Some options include:

  • Tray Systems: AutoPot’s Tray Systems work seamlessly with the AQUAvalve5, providing a complete hydroponic setup that’s easy to use and maintain.
  • AQUAbox Straight: The AQUAbox Straight is a self-contained system perfect for small spaces. With the AQUAvalve5 and a 47L/30L tank, you can quickly grow healthy plants in even the tightest spaces.
  • FlexiTank and FlexiTank Pro Couplers: These couplers work with 9mm pipe, making them the perfect addition to your AQUAvalve5 setup. Connect them to your FlexiTank or FlexiTank Pro, and you’re ready.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient watering system for your hydroponic setup, the AutoPot AQUAvalve is worth considering.

How can I buy an AutoPot AQUAvalve5?

You can easily buy an AutoPot AQUAvalve5 from our online store.

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