Omega Eurowing Reflector

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The Omega Eurowing Reflector produces outstanding light dispersion from its lightweight silver dimpled wings and is excellent value for money.

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Omega Eurowing Reflector

The Omega Eurowing Reflector produces outstanding light dispersion from its lightweight silver dimpled wings and is excellent value for money.

This cost-effective HPS lighting reflector is ideal for use in hydroponic growing spaces and tents because it incorporates several handy features and attributes, and they include the following:

  • Provides a uniform and even light dispersal
  • Generates far fewer hot spots than comparable products
  • Solid standard ceramic E40 fitting
  • Unique dimpled silver wings achieve optimum reflectivity
  • Highly cost-effective and economical HPS lighting reflector
  • 250W-600W HID (HPS or metal halide) lamp
  • It comes with a 5-metre or 8-metre IEC lead
  • This product is compatible with 250w-600w HPS or metal halide bulbs.

How Does it Work?

The Eurowing is outstanding value for money and an excellent reflector for beginners or anyone starting in growing for the first time. It’s also popular with more experienced growers who already know its merits and are looking for their resources on a budget.

This reflector features unique top ridges and silver dimpled wings, providing excellent light dispersal that is uniform and even. It has very high reflectivity and is very good at a reflector’s secondary function of reducing hot spots. It also has a ceramic lamp holder built for durability and good resistance to heat.

How to Use?

This reflector is sometimes called the original Euro reflector. It is known for its basic design, but by the same token, it is also known for its unfailing reliability, durability and ease of use, making it popular with beginners and expert growers.

Its ergonomic curved design optimises light distribution and also helps to minimise any potential hot spots in grow rooms, thereby increasing plant yields. It’s also suitable for your plants, reducing stress and the likelihood of leaf burn.

Its compact design and generously long 5-metre (or 8-metre) power cable make it easy to fit into your growing space, and it’s easy to manoeuvre around when it comes to providing closer care for your crop.

This product works with HPS lamps or metal halide lamps. All you need to do is hang the reflector unit over the growing area (about the centre would be fine) using a small jack chain.

Insert the lamp into the standard E40 holder inside the reflector and screw it in tightly. Plug the cable into a ballast compatible with metal halide or HPS lamps, turn on the power, and you’re all set.

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This product is available with either 5-metre or 8-metre cables.

Where Can I Buy an Omega Eurowing Reflector?

You can buy your Omega Eurowing Reflector conveniently from our site.

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