Root!t 26W Propagation LED


Discover the power of precision lighting with the Root!t 26W Propagation LED, designed explicitly for hydroponic enthusiasts. It features a 6500K colour temperature, which is perfect for propagation and early vegetative stages. Its energy-efficient 26W output ensures cost-effective operation. Versatile mounting options and a user-friendly plug-and-play design make it a top choice for indoor gardening. Elevate your hydroponic system’s efficiency and yield with this essential lighting solution.

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Root!t 26W Propagation LED: Unleashing Plant Potential with Precision Lighting

Hydroponic experts carefully select every element in the growing environment for optimal plant health. The Root!t 26W Propagation LED stands as a beacon of quality and precision in this realm. This product is not just a light; it’s a growth catalyst for propagation and early vegetative stages of plant life.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Optimal Spectral Output: With a 6500K colour temperature, it’s tailored for propagation and vegetative growth, mimicking natural daylight to promote healthy development.
  • Energy Efficiency: Its 26W power usage makes it an economical choice for daily use.
  • Effective Coverage: Engineered to illuminate standard-sized propagation trays evenly.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: Includes clips for attaching to a Light Stand or tent poles, along with universal hanging hooks for versatile placement.
  • User-Friendly Design: Plug-and-play with an integral power lead for hassle-free setup.
  • Robust Build: Boasting an IP44 rating, it’s well-suited for varied indoor environments.
  • Adaptable Positioning: Can be mounted in any orientation, allowing for use as a supplementary light source.

How Does This Product Work?

This LED leverages advanced technology to deliver a light spectrum precisely tuned for early plant growth. Emitting light at a colour temperature of 6500K, it simulates the full range of natural sunlight, essential during the critical stages of propagation and early vegetative growth. This light spectrum is instrumental in fostering robust root systems and healthy foliage, setting the stage for successful plant development.

How Do I Use a Root!t 26W Propagation LED?

To get started, attach it using the provided clips or hooks to your preferred location, ensuring it adequately covers your propagation area. For best results, control the light with a timer to maintain consistent light cycles essential for young plants.

Complementary Products for a Thriving Hydroponic System:

For hydroponic enthusiasts, achieving the perfect balance of light, warmth, and nutrition is critical. The Root!t Propagation LED is an essential component in this delicate equation, offering targeted lighting for propagation and early vegetative stages. To further enhance your hydroponic system, consider integrating these complementary products:

  • Root!t Propagator Lid (High): This lid creates a microclimate ideal for seedling and cutting development. Its height accommodates growing plants, and when used with the 26W LED, it ensures a consistent and controlled environment, crucial for young plant growth.
  • Root!t Propagator Tray: Designed for perfect fitment with the Root!t Propagator Lid and the LED light, this tray aids in effective water management and supports seedling stability, making it a cornerstone of a well-orchestrated hydroponic setup.
  • Root!t Propagator 60-Hole Insert Tray: This insert maximises space and organisation in your propagator tray. It’s ideal for use under the Root!t 26W LED, as it allows for even light distribution to all seedlings, ensuring uniform growth.
  • Jiffy-7 Coco Coir Plugs: These plugs provide an excellent growing medium for seedlings, ensuring a solid start. Their compatibility with the Root!t trays and the precise lighting of the LED creates an optimal environment for root development.
  • Root!t Heat Mat (Medium) 60x40cm: This mat gently warms the root area, improving germination and rooting. Combined with the targeted lighting from the 26W LED, it creates an ideal growth environment, mimicking natural conditions.

Together, these products create a synergistic environment where each component complements the others. The Propagation LED serves as the focal point, providing the essential light spectrum, while the propagator lid, tray, and insert tray ensure the right physical environment. The Jiffy-7 plugs offer the ideal medium for root development, and the heat mat maintains the perfect temperature, ensuring your plants thrive from the outset. This integrated approach is the key to successful hydroponic gardening, paving the way for lush, healthy plant growth.

Incorporating this LED into your hydroponic setup not only simplifies the cultivation process but also enhances plant growth. While it’s ideal for early stages, including propagation and vegetative growth, its utility extends beyond. Its ability to function in any orientation, including vertically, adds an extra layer of flexibility, making it a suitable supplementary light source for various stages of plant growth.

How can I buy a Root!t 26W Propagation LED?

You can easily buy a Root!t 26W Propagation LED from our online store.

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