SMSCom NTC Temperature sensor for 6.5A Mk2


The SMSCom NTC 3M Temperature Probe is a device that is designed for use with a SMSCom fan speed controller in order to detect the temperature at which your hydroponic grow room or grow tent will be set.

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SMSCom NTC Temperature sensor for 6.5A Mk2

The SMSCom NTC Temperature sensor for 6.5A Mk2 is a device that works with a SMSCom fan speed controller to detect the temperature in your hydroponic grow space. 

This sensor is an optional extra; your controller will function simply as a manual fan speed controller without this temperature probe.

Like most of the products in the SMSCom range, this probe is plug and play, so no wiring is needed. If you want your fans’ speed to be regulated automatically, you add the 3-metre temperature probe.

The Temperature Probe includes some useful features and attributes, and they include:

  • Works with fan speed controllers as an optional extra
  • Turns your SMSCom smart fan controller into a thermostatic controller
  • Enables your fan speed controller to become automatic
  • Accurately measure your grow room temperature
  • Controls your duct fans’ speed depending on the grow room temperature
  • Plug and play
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

How the Temperature Probe Works

The temperature probe is sold separately to the fan controller. Your controller can regulate the fans to maintain a constant temperature in your hydroponic grow space when combining these units. This action will provide your plants with the best temperature for healthy and vigorous growth.

The probe is 3 metres long, allowing you to place it wherever required, although the usual advice is to locate this in the middle of your growing area and at the level of the tops of your plants (often referred to as the canopy level).

How to Use the Temperature Probe

This probe is plug and play. Plug your controller into a standard UK plug and insert it into the power socket. Then plug the probe into the controller, ensuring it’s at the canopy level (recommended). You then set the temperature you want to maintain, ideally between 22 and 26°C and set the fans to their maximum speed. 

Your controller will do the rest by either increasing or decreasing the fans’ speed to keep your room at a stable and healthy temperature.

So in a sense, you bring out the potential automated magic of your SMSCom controller by using this probe. Without it, the controller becomes just another manual controller.

Where Can I Buy a SMSCom NTC Temperature sensor for 6.5A Mk2?

You can easily buy a SMSCom NTC Temperature sensor for 6.5A Mk2 from our site.

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