SMSCom Hybrid Controller 16A Mk2


Introducing the SMSCom Hybrid Controller 16A Mk2 – the gardener’s dream tool. Seamlessly blending digital temperature sensing with mechanical fan speed operation, this controller ensures your plants thrive in silence and precision. Say goodbye to humming and embrace accurate climate control. Designed for hydroponic enthusiasts, it’s the pinnacle of gardening efficiency.

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SMSCom Hybrid Controller 16A Mk2

The SMSCom Hybrid Controller 16A Mk2 combines cutting-edge digital temperature sensing technology with mechanical fan speed operation to produce a wholly silent and accurate fan speed controller for your hydroponic setup.

It incorporates a twin fan temperature controller without the humming and buzzing sounds that drive some people to distraction! This fine product is the quietest, simplest, and most efficient way of regulating duct fans’ output.

All you need to do is plug the fan into the controller, enter the settings, and then it works out what to do. The hybrids eradicate the buzzing noises by using heavyweight transformers with smart tech.

The 16A is the most popular model in the range and has a maximum setting that allows you to use very large fans without having them kick in at their total output.

The light sensor works to increase extraction rates for 7 minutes every hour at night, which lowers humidity and prevents the tendency for rot to set in on your plants. These improvements have turned the Mk2 from what was already a fantastic product into a true legend.

The 16A Mk2 includes a few useful features and attributes, and these include:

  • SMSCom is known for its top-quality design and engineering
  • Extremely quiet and totally eradicates issues with humming and buzzing
  • One of the few controllers to be recommended for use with Isomax fans by their manufacturers
  • Precise temperature readings
  • Maintains a constant climate
  • Easy to operate
  • Regulates minimum fan speeds
  • 4.5-metre temperature probe cable
  • 16 amp version handles a 3600W load
  • Supplied with a manufacturer’s five-year warranty

How does the Controller Work?

Your plants are always happiest when exposed to more or less consistent climatic conditions. Tropical plants do best at around 25°c during the day and 15 to 18°c at night. When the outside temperature varies quite a lot, it sometimes becomes necessary to change the volume of air extracted from the growing area or grow tent using your duct fan to maintain a reasonably constant temperature indoors.

The controller controls the amount of air extracted from the growing area by increasing or decreasing your duct fans’ output. Installation needs no wiring or special electrical knowledge; the intake and outlet duct fans plug easily into the unit’s corresponding UK 3-pin sockets.

Position the unit’s temperature sensor near the canopy of your plants using the 4.5m cable. Accurate data is gathered from the sensor and processed by the unit’s onboard computer to inform the duct fan regulation process.

The product uses a heavyweight relay to control the power supply, and there’s a slight clicking noise as it moves between each of the five speeds at its disposal. This quality relay makes sure that the device remains reliable all the time.

Hybrid Controllers work differently than budget controllers. Cheaper 100% digitally controlled devices work by pulse electricity, which switches power on and off continually, but at completely different rates, to vary the fan’s output power and speed. This pulsing effect creates unwanted buzzing or humming noises.

The controller within the SMSCom Hybrid correctly reduces and increases the power provided to the fans. The fan is effectively always switched on to provide smooth power, completely removing humming noises.

This product now features a “maximum” function. If you use very large fans, this is a fantastic innovation. With the original version, fans would kick in at their maximum output levels when the temperature reached the selected setting. But with the Mk2, you can now regulate their maximum level to operate large fans at considerably lower outputs.

A light sensor comes with the Mk2 version. To use it, remove the protective cap, and the unit will automatically detect the start of all dark periods, thereby correctly identifying night. In these dark periods and in the absence of heat from your grow lights, fans operate at their lowest setting. Although this is acceptable for sustaining ideal temperatures, the Hybrid Pro will increase the output level by one stage for just seven minutes each hour, ensuring that the humidity level can never build up within the room. This welcome effect dramatically reduces the incidence of botrytis (a form of rot) or other types of mould problems. But if you don’t want to use this option, you can switch it off by replacing the light sensor’s cap.

This product comes with a 5-year warranty, starting from the purchase date. It consists of a 1-year direct replacement term and a further 4-year warranty on any necessary repairs.


  • 1 x Mk2 SMSCom Hybrid Pro Controller
  • 4.5-metre temperature sensor
  • 1.2-metre power cable
  • 1.6-metre light sensor

Where Can I Buy a SMSCom Hybrid Controller 16A Mk2?

You can easily buy your SMSCom Hybrid Controller 16A Mk2 from our site.

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