ExHale 365 CO2 Bag


The ExHale 365 CO2 Bag allows you to access CO2 when you need it immediately. It prevents any waste and is a user-activated bag with a shelf life of three months but will give you nine months of continuous carbon dioxide supply once activated.

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ExHale 365 CO2 Bag

The ExHale 365 CO2 Bag allows you to access CO2 when you need it immediately. It prevents any waste and is a user-activated bag with a shelf life of three months but will give you nine months of continuous carbon dioxide supply once activated.

This is the first-ever user-activated CO2 bag to reach the market. It continues to be the CO2 bag with the longest life. It has no need for maintenance, gives off no discernable heat and needs no electricity supply. ExHale also produce the CO2 bag in alternative “Regular” and “XL” bags.

An ideal product for growers who seek a reliable source of CO2 for use in their hydroponic growing setup.

CO2 bags give the hydroponic grower several worthwhile and beneficial features, including the following:

  • Shelf life of 3 months (before activation)
  • Spawn strain is award-winning
  • Zero maintenance necessary
  • No need for electrical power
  • Zero heat emitted
  • Suspend bags via separation seam
  • Perfect for organic production
  • Nine months of carbon dioxide distribution
  • A guaranteed steady supply of CO2 for six months
  • Instant CO2 production immediately after activation
  • The highest CO2 production takes place 30 to 45 days following activation
  • Genetics are patent pending

Why Do I Need to Add CO2 to My Hydroponic Setup?

Simply because CO2 + H2O + light = photosynthesis. So it’s always wise to have a viable supply of readily available CO2 when you need it.

Increasing levels of CO2 cause and increase photosynthesis in your plants which is related to sugar production, the means that plants use to convert light into energy.

If you are drawing air from your home into your hydroponic system, you’ll likely have a CO2 level of about 600ppm. This is only around half the recommended level of carbon dioxide that plants need to flourish, which is about 1200ppm. So you’ll need some way of making up the difference.

Even a small extra quantity of carbon dioxide is known to make a positive change:

  • Increased yield
  • Much stronger plants
  • Faster plant growth
  • Better means of coping with heat stress
  • Optimised use of grow lights

How Does the CO2 Bag Work?

Consider the ExHale 365 CO2 Bag as a necessity in light of how important this element is as part of the whole process of hydroponic growing.

All plants need carbon dioxide (of course, CO2) to survive. This carbon dioxide is what we humans breathe out, and plants use it to start their photosynthetic processes. Plants intake carbon dioxide during the day but expel it at night. We measure the level of carbon dioxide in the environment in parts per million (PPM), and average room levels are usually in the region of about 400 to 800ppm. Assuming adequate air circulation in your growing area or tent, you should achieve the minimum recognised level of 390ppm.

At this level, your plant growth should be similar indoors to what they’re like in your garden.

But if the CO2 level drops below 200ppm or so, your plants will suddenly stop growing altogether.

The most evident and noticeable benefit to your plants of having a good CO2 supply is the increase in healthy growth that’s bound to take place, especially so if you set up your hydroponic system optimally.

Sustaining CO2 levels of around 1000 to 1200ppm should allow your grow space to operate at a higher temperature. This can be important for growers struggling to keep their grow tent temperatures down to avoid the temperature stress your plants may suffer due to not achieving that.

CO2 During Vegetation

During your plants’ vegetative phase, adding CO2 is the most beneficial way to increase your plants’ stretch rate. CO2 allows your plants to develop with considerably more vegetative growth and in a shorter space of time, which is excellent for increasing the size and frequency of harvests.

CO2 During Flowering

When adding CO2 to your growing area, the flowering stage of your plants is the most crucial. So if you add this element to your grow space – and this is especially true in the first few weeks of the plants’ flowering phase – you can successfully kick-start the plants’ flower (or fruit) production, boosting the quality and size by a significant amount.

Adding CO2 to Your Growing Room or Grow Tent

Using these CO2 bags is the most viable and efficient means of adding carbon dioxide to your growing environment. The product will produce CO2 24 hours a day, every day, without using any refill supplies or using any costly hardware or equipment.

Plants work through photosynthesis, where a plant’s leaves manufacture carbohydrates. The critical mixture and proportions of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water are all converted to carbohydrates plus oxygen wholly by the action of this remarkable chlorophyll within the chloroplasts of your plants.

Growing plants indoors using artificial light instead of natural sunlight sometimes lacks sufficient CO2 to photosynthesise in any viable or efficient way. But when plants maximise photosynthesis, the resultant yield will always be noticeably larger plants of higher quality and rich, lush blooms and fruit.

The mycelial mass in the vented cultivator is the crucial component within these CO2 bags. This mycelial mass cultivates carbon dioxide for the CO2 bags “breather patch” to release a steady flow of carbon dioxide into the environment continuously for up to 6 months from the moment of activation.

Pro Tip: Because CO2 is heavier than air, the bag containing this product ideally needs to be suspended at the top of the growing area ceiling so that it’s able to supply a generous shower of carbon dioxide all over your plants.

How Do I Use the ExHale 365 CO2 Bag?

When you use the ExHale 365 CO2 Bag, you should be aware of the safety aspects of this and its implications.

All high levels of CO2 are potentially dangerous. In particular, a sealed grow space can rapidly trap harmful quantities of CO2. High volumes of CO2 can lead to serious health conditions such as dizziness, leading to unconsciousness or even death if you don’t implement crucial safety measures before these events occur.

You can buy carbon dioxide safety monitors, and these are particularly important to have nearby (and in good working order) when you have carbon dioxide in a sealed environment.

To use this product, you need to remove the separation seam and then firmly but gently push the spawn into the substrate. You’ll then be able to use the separation seam as a practical hanger to attach it directly above the filter patch.

For optimum results, you should consider the following:

  • Suspend this slightly above plants to prevent shadows from appearing
  • Locate the product on the opposite side to your extractor fan(s)
  • Make sure to keep the air circulated to sustain uniform CO2 levels
  • Increase feed if needed to support the increase in growth gained from adding the CO2


Designed for use in growing areas that need to have sustained CO2 supply. This product has a three-month shelf-life; once activated, it will provide carbon dioxide for nine months.

Where Can I Buy The ExHale Homegrown CO2 Bag 365?

You can easily buy The ExHale Homegrown CO2 Bag 365 from our website.

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