Root!t Propagator Lid


Get the best results from your hydroponic garden with our Root!t Propagator Lid. Designed to create the perfect environment for your plants, it’s ideal for germinating seeds or rooting out clones and cuttings. Order yours today!

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Root!t Propagator Lid

As an essential part of the Root!t propagation system, the Root!t Propagator Lid is a versatile addition to any hydroponic garden. Designed to fit snugly on the Root!t Propagator Tray or 60-Hole Insert, it creates a perfect environment for seedlings, cuttings, and clones. With two adjustable vents for humidity control, the lid provides excellent air circulation, ensuring optimum growing conditions.

The lid is available in standard and high models. The standard lid is 57x37x15cm, and the High lid measures 57x37x20cm, which is perfect for accommodating larger plants. The higher version features two moulded grooves at the top, which accepts two Root!t 26W  Propagation LED’s.

Features and benefits of using this product in a hydroponic setup:

  • It provides excellent air circulation to encourage healthy plant growth.
  • The lid creates a controlled environment with adjustable vents for optimal humidity levels.
  • Using a cover helps maintain a stable temperature for successful propagation.
  • It protects young plants from pests and diseases.
  • Compatible with Root!t Propagator Trays and 60-Hole Inserts.
  • Works seamlessly with Root!t propagator trays and 60-hole inserts
  • Ideal for use with heat mats to provide optimal growing conditions
  • The complete system helps to maximise your yield by creating a controlled environment for your plants

How does this product work?

The lid works by enclosing the tray or 60-hole insert and controlling the environment within. With its adjustable vents, the lid allows for precise humidity control, which is crucial for successful propagation. The cover also helps maintain a stable temperature, keeping the seeds or cuttings at the ideal temperature for germination and growth. In addition, the lid protects young plants from pests and diseases.

How do I use the Root!t Propagator Lid?

Using this product is straightforward. 

  1. Place the Propagator Tray on a flat surface.
  2. Fill the tray with your preferred growing medium, such as Rockwool propagation plugs or Jiffy 7 84-hole plastic trays.
  3. Alternatively, place the Root!t Propagator 60-Hole Insert into the tray and fill it with Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges or Cultilene Stonewool Cubes.
  4. Place your seeds or cuttings into the holes. 
  5. Finally, place the lid on top of the tray and adjust the vents to control the airflow and temperature inside.

The whole propagation unit is also ideal for use with heat mats to provide an optimal growing environment for your plants.

What other hydroponic products are compatible with this product?

This propagation cover works seamlessly with other Root!t products, including the Root!t Propagator Tray and Root!t Propagator 60-Hole Insert. We recommend using Root!t Natural Rooting Sponges or Cultilene Stonewool Cubes with the Root!t Propagator Tray and Lid for hydroponic growing. 

Additionally, experienced growers utilise Root!t Propagation Heat Mats to provide additional heat to the tray and promote faster germination and growth.

In summary, the Propagator Lid is a versatile and durable lid that works seamlessly with the Root!t Propagator Tray or Root!t Propagator 60-Hole Insert to create an efficient and effective propagation unit. The two vents provide excellent humidity control for young plants, while the large size makes it easy to use as a cloche for individual plants. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting, the Propagator Lid is essential for hydroponic gardening success.

How can I buy a Root!t Propagator Lid?

You can easily buy a Root!t Propagator Lid from our online store.

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