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Root!t First Feed is a special formula which provides young plants with essential nutrients for fast and healthy root development. Developed with a leading UK university, it boosts resistance to infections and reduces rooting times. Perfect for hydroponic setups, this nutrient solution ensures your seeds and cuttings thrive, giving them the best start in life. Add to your basket today!

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Give Your Young Plants the Best Start

Root!t First Feed provides your young plants with all the essential nutrients they need to thrive during the crucial propagation stage. Developed in collaboration with a leading UK university, this 125ml nutrient-rich solution promotes fast, healthy root development, boosting resistance to infections and reducing standard rooting times. With First Feed, you can give your plants the strongest start possible, ensuring they grow healthy and strong.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes

  • Fast and Healthy Root Development: Promotes rapid root growth, ensuring your plants get established quickly.
  • Enhanced Resistance to Infections: Contains Vitamin B1 to boost plant immunity and resilience.
  • Humic and Fulvic Acids: Improves nutrient uptake for better growth and development.
  • Optimised Nutrient Ratio: The perfect balance of Boron and Calcium for strong roots.
  • Easy to Use: Ideal for soaking propagation media or feeding young rooted plants.
  • Proven Success: Reduces rooting times and increases your chances of successful propagation.
  • Complete Nutrient Solution: Provides everything young plants need for a healthy start.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use with ROOT!T Rooting sponges, stone wool, or soil after the first true leaves appear.
  • Convenient Size: Available in a 125ml bottle, perfect for the first few weeks of plant life.

With First Feed, you’re giving your young plants the best start in life, ensuring they grow strong and healthy right from the beginning.

First Feed is a scientifically formulated nutrient solution designed to provide young plants with the essential elements they need for optimal growth during the propagation stage. Here’s how it works and why it’s a must-have for hydroponic gardeners.

Promotes Fast and Healthy Root Development

First Feed contains a unique blend of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid. These acids improve nutrient uptake and promote a robust root system. When your plants can absorb nutrients more effectively, they grow faster and healthier. This rapid root development is crucial during the early stages, giving your plants a strong foundation.

Boosts Resistance to Infection

One standout ingredient in First Feed is Vitamin B1. This vitamin encourages your young plants to produce natural defence chemicals. These chemicals increase resistance to infections and diseases. By boosting your plants’ immune systems, you ensure they stay healthy and resilient right from the start.

Optimised Nutrient Ratio

The nutrient blend in First Feed is a careful balance of Boron and Calcium. These two elements are vital for stimulating plant hormones that control root length and branching. By maintaining optimal levels of boron and calcium, First Feed ensures that your plants develop a strong, extensive root network quickly.

Easy and Versatile Application

First Feed is easy to use in various propagation media. You can pre-soak ROOT!T Rooting sponges or stone wool with it, or start using it in the soil after the first true leaves appear. The dilution rate is straightforward: 3-4ml per litre for soaking propagation media and 4-8ml per litre for young rooted plants.

Proven Success

Developed with the expertise of a leading UK university, First Feed reduces standard rooting times and improves overall plant health. It’s one of the only young plant nutrients on the market that covers all the essential needs of seeds and cuttings during this critical growth stage.

It offers hydroponic gardeners a reliable and effective solution to ensure their young plants get the best start in life. By promoting healthy root development, boosting resistance to infections, and providing a balanced nutrient mix, this product sets the stage for strong, vigorous plant growth.

Check out the Root!t homepage for more information about this and their other range of growing solutions.

Using First Feed in your hydroponic setup is straightforward. Follow these guidelines to ensure your young plants receive the best care and nutrients right from the start.

Preparing the Solution

First, you’ll need to prepare the nutrient solution. For soaking propagation media, dilute 3-4ml of First Feed per litre of water. If you’re feeding young rooted plants, increase the concentration to 4-8ml per litre. This action ensures your plants get the right amount of nutrients at each stage.

Using Root!t First Feed with Propagation Media

For hydroponic setups using rooting sponges or stone wool, pre-soak the media in the prepared Root!t First Feed solution. This step ensures the media is saturated with nutrients, promoting faster and healthier root development. Immerse the sponges or stone wool in the solution for a few minutes before planting your seeds or cuttings.

Feeding Young Rooted Plants

Once your plants have developed their first true leaves, it’s time to start feeding them with First Feed. Use the higher concentration of 4-8ml per litre for this stage. Pour the prepared solution into your hydroponic system’s reservoir or directly onto the growing medium, ensuring even distribution.

Monitoring and Adjusting

Regularly observe the health and development of your plants. If you spot any signs of nutrient deficiency or imbalance, adjust the concentration of First Feed accordingly. This process might involve slightly increasing or decreasing the amount of nutrient solution you use based on your plant’s needs.

Tips for Optimal Use

For best results, combine First Feed with good lighting and appropriate temperatures. Healthy light levels and stable temperatures will complement the nutrient solution, ensuring your plants grow strong and vigorous. Additionally, always ensure your hydroponic system is clean and free from contaminants to avoid any potential issues.

What makes Root!t First Feed different from other plant nutrients?

First Feed is specifically for young plants during the propagation stage. Unlike other nutrients, it contains a unique blend of Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Boron, Calcium, and Vitamin B1. These components are crucial for fast and healthy root development and increased resistance to infections. Developed with a leading UK university, it meets the specific needs of seeds and cuttings.

Can I use Root!t First Feed with soil?

Yes, you can use First Feed with soil, but only after the first true leaves appear. Before that stage, seeds generally contain enough energy and nutrients to germinate and start growing. Once those leaves are visible, mix 4-8ml of First Feed per litre of water and apply it to the soil to support your plants’ growth.

How often should I use Root!t First Feed?

Use First Feed consistently during the first few weeks of your plants’ life. For soaking propagation media, prepare a fresh solution each time you start new seeds or cuttings. For young rooted plants, feed them with the solution every time you water, ensuring they receive continuous nutrient support.

Is Root!t First Feed safe for all plant types?

Absolutely! First Feed is safe and beneficial for a wide variety of plants. Whether you’re growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers, this nutrient solution will support healthy root development and boost plant resistance to diseases. Always follow the recommended dilution rates to ensure optimal results.

  • Root!t Large Propagator: This propagator provides the best growing environment for your seeds and cuttings to germinate. It retains moisture and warmth, which are essential for young plants. Using this with First Feed ensures optimal nutrient uptake and root development.
  • Root!t 60-hole Insert Tray: Designed to fit perfectly within the Root!t Large Propagator, this tray allows you to start 60 plants at once. Each hole provides ample space for root growth when paired with the nutrient-rich First Feed.
  • Root!t Dry Peat Free Plug 60 Refill Bag: These peat-free plugs are ideal for use in the 60-hole insert tray. They provide a stable, nutrient-rich medium for your young plants. Pre-soak them with First Feed for the best start possible.
  • Root!t Rooting Gel: This gel promotes rapid root formation in cuttings, ensuring they develop into strong, healthy plants. Use it alongside First Feed to give your clones the nutrients they need from the start, maximising their growth potential.

By integrating these products into your hydroponic grow space, you’ll create an efficient and effective setup that supports every stage of your plants’ early development.

Get Started with Root!t First Feed Today

Give your young plants the ultimate start with Root!t First Feed. Experience faster rooting, stronger growth, and increased resistance to disease. Don’t wait—ensure your plants thrive from day one. Add First Feed to your basket now and watch your hydroponic garden flourish!

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