Growth Technology Clonex Mist

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Growth Technology Clonex Mist is a new addition to the field of cloning technology and makes cloning more successful due to its blend of nutrients and amino acids which accelerate healthy rooting.

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Growth Technology Clonex Mist

Growth Technology Clonex Mist makes cloning more successful due to its innovative blend of mineral nutrients and amino acids, accelerating healthy rooting. It works either with or without Clonex Rooting Hormone and helps to accelerate healthy rooting as the sturdy foundation for plants. It is suitable for use in all types of hydroponic growing systems and offers growers quite a few features, including the following:

  • Developed by a leading maker of supplements
  • It works for seedlings or cuttings
  • It contains all the nutrients and minerals to support cuttings and seedlings.
  • Safe and non-toxic in use
  • Improves the strike rate considerably
  • Develops longer roots by up to 30%
  • Roots also develop more densely by up to 156%
  • Very good at pre-treating mother plants
  • It works well as a foliar additive for propagation
  • Causes much short rooting times by up to ten days earlier than normal

How Does it Work?

Clonex Mist is the foliar spray version of the well-known Clonex, a tried and trusted rooting gel. This spray helps seedlings and cuttings at the dangerous start of their lives.

This product will increase strike rates considerably and reduce the time it takes for rooting by up to ten days. It also improves the overall vigour of these young plants and triggers the development of long root hairs.

Many years of research and development have gone into this product. It comes from an entirely natural synthesis of additives and minerals, and its non-toxic attributes make it safe to use in any setting.

The Suntec laboratory in New Zealand conducted various tests independently to test the efficacy of this product. The tests show that using this product with Clonex Rooting Gel caused roots to fully mature up to ten days earlier than usual, with roots up to 30% longer and up to 156% greater in number compared with a control group using water.

How to Use?

Clonex Mist works in two distinct ways. It’s a foliar spray for nourishing cuttings and seedlings. It can also be used on the mother plants as a handy pre-treatment before transplantation.

Apply it to the area from which you want to remove the cuttings on the mother plant, repeating this a couple of times each week during the two weeks before taking the cutting.

Take the cuttings using a sharp scalpel and lightly spray with Clonex Mist before placing them into an appropriate rooting medium such as Rockwool, etc., and then into a propagator.

You should check the cuttings and respray every two or three days. Spraying regularly in this way will improve the survival rates of your cuttings, and they’ll have everything they need to thrive during these early stages.

The product also increases the root growth rate and general development of the young seedlings when treated in the same way every two or three days.

How Do I Buy Growth Technology Clonex Mist?

You can buy Growth Technology Clonex Mist conveniently from our website.

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