Optic Foliar Transport

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Optic Foliar Transport is a cutting-edge solution for hydroponic plant growth designed to enhance plant nutrient uptake. Its unique blend of surfactants, organic acids, and chelates work together to promote healthy growth and increase yield. This easy-to-use supplement is compatible with other Optic Foliar products and performs throughout the entire growing cycle. Get the best possible results from your hydroponic plants with Optic Foliar Transport.

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Optic Foliar Transport: A Comprehensive Solution for Hydroponic Plant Growth

If you’re a passionate hydroponic cultivator, you know how critical it is to have the proper nutrients and supplements to ensure your plants grow strong and healthy. One such supplement is Optic Foliar Transport. It’s a powerful solution designed to enhance the nutrient uptake of plants and is becoming increasingly popular among hydroponic growers.

How does this product work?

Transport is a cutting-edge product developed by Optic Foliar using the latest technology. It’s a unique blend of surfactants, organic acids, and chelates that work together to improve plant nutrient uptake. 

The surfactants in the formula help break down the plant leaves’ surface tension, allowing for better absorption of nutrients. The organic acids in the formula help to chelate the nutrients, making them more available to the plant, and the chelates help to protect the nutrients from being tied up in the growing medium.

This product is a unique formula that works seamlessly with other nutrients and supplements. When used with other products in the Optic Foliar line, such as Optic Foliar Rev, Optic Foliar Watts, and Optic Foliar Overgrow, it can help boost your plants’ overall performance.

How do I use this product?

Transport is effortless to use. Mix it with water according to the instructions provided on the label, and then spray it directly onto the leaves of your plants. You can use it throughout the entire growing cycle, from seedling to harvest.

For best results, use Optic Foliar Transport with other Optic Foliar products. We recommend using Optic Foliar Rev during the vegetative stage, Optic Foliar Watts during the flowering stage, and Optic Foliar Overgrow as a foliar spray during the entire growing cycle.

Features and Benefits of Optic Foliar Transport


  • Enhances nutrient uptake in plants
  • It helps to chelate nutrients, making them more available to the plant
  • Protects nutrients from being tied up in the growing medium
  • It’s effective throughout the entire growing cycle
  • Easy to use


  • Improves plant growth and health
  • Increases yield and quality of crops
  • Saves time and effort in hydroponic growing
  • Reduces the risk of nutrient deficiencies
  • Compatible with other Optic Foliar products

Other Optic Foliar Products for Hydroponic Growing

Transport works incredibly well when used in combination with other Optic Foliar products. Here are some of the other products in the Optic Foliar line that are perfect for hydroponic growing:

  • Optic Foliar Rev: A powerful vegetative booster that promotes plant growth and vigour.
  • Optic Foliar Watts: A flowering booster that helps to increase flower size, weight, and density.
  • Optic Foliar Overgrow: A foliar spray that provides plants with essential nutrients and micronutrients, helping to improve overall health and vitality.

In conclusion, Transport is a must-have for hydroponic growers looking to get the best possible results from their plants. Its unique formula enhances nutrient uptake, boosts plant growth and yield, and saves time and effort during the growing process. Using it with other Optic Foliar products can create a comprehensive solution to help your plants thrive from seedling to harvest.

How can I buy Optic Foliar Transport?

You can easily buy Optic Foliar Transport from our website. Please select the size you require using our drop-down menu above.

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