Nano Nutrients 10-9 Finisher

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Nano Nutrients 10-9 Finisher pushes plants to their finish and gets them to expend their energies into colour and oil production.

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Nano Nutrients 10-9 Finisher

Nano Nutrients 10-9 Finisher pushes plants to their finish and gets them to expend their energies into colour and oil production.

It incorporates a P/K ratio which replicates precisely the kind of soil that the plants need to flourish in and uses nanotechnology to provide an easy-to-use and clean nutrient, which in turn allows your plants to absorb and metabolise any residual nutrients which will “flush” the plants.

This product is ideal for use in all types of hydroponic growing systems and incorporates several interesting features and attributes, including:

  • Assists in using up any residual nutrients within the growing medium
  • Significantly enhances aromas, colours and flavours for a superior product at harvest
  • Spurs plants on to the last push and enables fruits to become more formidable in the final week
  • Makes use of nanotechnology to optimise uptake and absorption
  • Nano iron increases the rate and activity of photosynthesis in your plant
  • Provides a good source of magnesium for chlorophyll production
  • A clever blend of nanoparticle stimulants and micronutrients
  • Works very well in any growing system or growing medium

How Does it Work?

Finisher gives plants everything they need for the final push in the last week, during the flush. However, we don’t actually flush the plants of their nutrients. Instead, we let them metabolise the nutrients they’ve already absorbed.

The mineral salts reduce during this period, producing the optimum quality outcome. Plants can absorb nano iron without expending any energy. Nano iron also enhances the rates of photosynthesis in plants, allowing them to save more energy for continued growth and flowering.

Magnesium is one of the key molecules in chlorophyll and is provided here in a bio-available form. The more magnesium you can provide for your plants, the greater the amount of chlorophyll.

This product results from several scientific achievements in nutrient technology involving unique patented components. It delivers plant nutrition at scale, making this nourishment more readily transported and absorbed.

The amino acid lysine works as a chelator to enhance uptake rates; plants use this to control growth rates, trigger responses to the surrounding environment, and build protein. This process stimulates healthy growth while solving everyday nutrient-based problems such as lockouts, pH fluctuations and dropouts.

Finisher encourages plants to go to their limits in this crucial final week. The minerals build up the plants and help them make use of the residual nutrients that are to be found all around in the vicinity of the substrate. These nutrients make the plants swell in size and harden the fruits. All this results from massive amounts of essential oil production, which helps intensify the flavours and aromas. It is so potent that it can even improve the final product’s appearance, especially the colour, and bring out the best that your plants offer.

How to Use?

Add Finisher to your reservoir at 1ml per litre of nutrient solution. Use it in the last week of the plant’s flowering phase, right up to harvest. The product works very well with the other offerings in the Nano Nutrients 10⁻⁹ range, and it also gives superb results with other nutrient brands.

Where Can I Buy The Nano Nutrients Nano 10-9 Finisher?

You can easily buy Nano Nutrients 10-9 Finisher from our online shop.

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