Ecothrive Charge

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Ecothrive Charge is a 100% natural soil conditioner composed of beetle droppings that will enhance your plants in several different ways. It is ideal for use in hydroponic systems.

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Ecothrive Charge

Ecothrive Charge is a 100% natural soil conditioner composed of beetle droppings that will enhance your plants in several different ways. It is ideal for use in hydroponic systems.

This premium quality product contains many beneficial microorganisms (friendly germs) and plant growth catalysts. It is very good at triggering robust plant growth, improving the root zone and creating the conditions in which vigorous high yielding plants can flourish.

Ecothrive Charge offers some features and attributes, and they include:

  • It contains an optimum proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
  • Causes a healthy biological presence in the substrate and growing media
  • Improves nutrient availability root growth
  • Triggers your plants’ immune response, enhancing defence against diseases
  • Very easy to apply due to its sandy texture
  • 100% organic and approved by the Soil Association
  • NPK ratio: 3-2-3

This product is composed entirely of the droppings of beetles and is full of beneficial microorganisms and natural plant growth catalysts. It will trigger robust plant growth and improve your plants’ root zones.

How does it Work?

Charge Natural Soil Conditioner and Biostimulant is composed entirely of the frass (the term for insect droppings) of the larvae of the Tenebrio Molitor beetle, more commonly known as mealworms. In addition, the product undergoes several tests and processes before being packaged and shipped to guarantee quality control and ensure that no actual insects themselves are present in the composition!

The product benefits plant growth in several different ways. The beetle frass firstly provides a broad range of macro and micronutrients of the type necessary for healthy plant growth. Also of significance is the abundance of beneficial microorganisms it presents, the so-called friendly germs. These ingredients “charge” the potting mix (giving it its name), making it a fantastic venue for root growth and vastly improving nutrient cycling and availability. Last but not least, the product contains chitin derivatives (because it is organic waste), a polysaccharide found in abundance in insects’ cell walls. These naturally improve the plants’ resistance to disease and pests and boost growth and productivity, which leads to a much more bountiful and healthy crop at harvest.

How to Use?

Mix Charge into your potting mix before you begin planting. Should your growing media have a low or medium nutritional content (as is the case with coco), you should mix it at 2% by volume.

If you already use quite a heavily fertilised potting soil, you should mix it at 1% by volume. Mix the product into your growing media, water, and nutrient feed in the following weeks as part of your regular feeding regime.

Note that the product contains a small number of nutrients in its own right, and these will combine with your existing nutrient regime.

Apply the product onto the top of your growing media every 2 to 4 weeks for your lasting plant health and development.

You can mix this product with water for use as a foliar spray. In this case, you should pour it into a spray bottle and use this within 24 hours. Allow tap water to stand overnight before use. Or alternately use rainwater or de-chlorinated water. Repeat such applications every one or two weeks.

Where Can I Buy Ecothrive Charge?

You can buy Ecothrive Charge conveniently from our site.

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