BAC Foliar Spray

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Experience the power of BAC Foliar Spray in your hydroponic garden. This innovative foliar nutrition accelerates chlorophyll production, producing lush green foliage. Strengthen your crops and provide a natural defence against pests with thicker leaves. BAC Foliar Spray is easy to use and available in convenient sizes to suit your needs. Elevate your plant care routine and unlock the full potential of your hydroponic crops with BAC Foliar Spray. Shop now and witness the remarkable results for yourself!

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Introducing BAC Foliar Spray: Enhance Your Crop’s Strength and Resilience

Are you yearning for a reliable solution to boost the health and vitality of your hydroponic crops? Look no further! BAC Foliar Spray is here to revolutionise your gardening experience. With its advanced formulation, this foliar nutrition ensures the quick creation of chlorophyll in the leaf, resulting in lush, green foliage that is the hallmark of a thriving plant. Let’s explore the incredible features and benefits of this remarkable product.

How does this product work?

This Foliar Spray is a powerful plant enhancer that stimulates the microorganisms living on and in the leaf, known as photosynthesis bacteria. These microorganisms play a crucial role in creating chlorophyll, the pigment integral for the green colour of leaves. By activating these beneficial bacteria, this product accelerates the chlorophyll production process, giving your plants a vibrant, healthy appearance.

Additionally, this innovative foliar nutrition strengthens your crop, making it more resilient to various threats. The leaves become thicker, acting as a natural barrier against mildew, Botrytis, and other plagues that can harm your plants. With BAC Foliar, you can minimise the risk of infestation and protect your crops from potential damage, ensuring their overall well-being.

How do I use this product?

Using Foliar Spray is a breeze, making it suitable for novice and experienced hydroponic gardeners. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to incorporating this product into your plant care routine:

  1. Dilute: Start by diluting the recommended amount of Foliar Spray in water. The appropriate dosage can be found on the product label, ensuring optimal results without waste.
  2. Application: Transfer the diluted solution into a spray bottle or a suitable sprayer. Cover the entire leaf surface, including the undersides, for comprehensive foliar nutrition. Applying the spray during the early morning or late afternoon when the temperature is cooler is advisable.
  3. Frequency: Apply Foliar Spray during your plants’ growth and flowering stages for best results. Repeat the application process every 7-10 days or as needed, depending on your specific crop requirements.

By following these simple instructions, you can unlock the full potential of your hydroponic garden and enjoy the remarkable benefits of this Foliar Spray from BAC.

Features and Benefits of BAC Foliar Spray in a Hydroponic Setup:

  • Accelerates chlorophyll production: This product promotes the rapid creation of chlorophyll, resulting in vibrant, green leaves that indicate robust plant health.
  • Strengthens crop and leaves: Applying BAC Foliar leads to thicker leaves, fortifying your plants against common threats such as mildew and Botrytis.
  • Acts as a plant enhancer: By improving the overall health of your crop, this product enhances its strength and resilience, making it better equipped to withstand environmental stresses.
  • Natural pest deterrent: The ingredients in BAC Foliar make your crop unattractive to common pests like thrips and spider mites. By reducing their interest, you can effectively prevent infestations and minimise the need for harsh chemical treatments.

Recommended Products for Hydroponic Gardeners:

  1. BAC Plant Vitality Plus: Pair BAC Foliar with BAC Plant Vitality Plus for a comprehensive plant care regimen. This powerful blend of organic compounds and essential nutrients enhances plant vitality, boosts immune function, and improves overall plant health.
  2. BAC Silica Power: Strengthen your plants’ cell walls and increase their resistance to numerous pests and diseases with BAC Silica Power. This silicon-based additive enhances structural integrity, producing more robust and resilient plants.
  3. BAC Sugar Candy Syrup: Give your plants an energy boost with BAC Sugar Candy Syrup. This unique blend of sugars provides a readily available energy source, stimulating plant growth and enhancing flower development. It also promotes beneficial microbial activity in the root zone, improving nutrient uptake and overall plant health.

Incorporating these recommended products alongside BAC Foliar can create a synergistic effect, providing your hydroponic garden with a comprehensive and balanced nutrient regimen. Elevate your plants’ health, strengthen their defences, and maximise their potential with these exceptional additions to your gardening toolkit.

How can I buy BAC Foliar Spray?

You can easily buy BAC Foliar SPray from our online store by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu above.

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