SMC Spider Mite Control

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SMC Spider Mite Control is a broad-spectrum compound that eliminates Spider Mites and also kills other species.

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SMC Spider Mite Control

SMC Spider Mite Control is a broad-spectrum compound that eliminates Spider Mites and also kills other species.

Used as directed, this product will kill all spider mites and their eggs. It is pesticide free, 100% natural and entirely safe for use. In fact, as a broader spectrum pest control product in practice, it targets multiple pests and effectively eradicates Thunder Flies, Green Flies, White Flies and Black Flies.

This product is excellent for use in all types of hydroponic growing setups as it incorporates a range of useful features, including these:

  • Completely free of pesticides, totally natural and safe to use
  • A highly concentrated formula, so 100ml makes 4 litres for foliar spraying
  • Recommended by professional growers
  • Eradicates Spider Mites, Thunder Flies, Green Flies and Black Flies
  • Crucially, this is safe for all insects that are beneficial to plant development
  • Rapid response and fast acting
  • Popular among all growers
  • Available in three sizes of 750ml spray, 100ml and 250ml

How does this product work?

This product from SMC kills spider mite pests and their eggs without using pesticides or other harmful substances, as it is an entirely natural compound.

In its diluted form, it is sprayed onto plant leaves and blocks the breathing holes of spider mites, thereby causing death by suffocation.

The product also wholly covers the spider mite eggs and prevents them from transpiring, thus drastically reducing the risk that they will ever hatch.

For more information regarding pest control, check out our Growing Advice pages, which feature an article detailing “How to Protect your Hydroponic System from Pests“.

How do I use this insecticide?

This product is a concentrated solution and requires diluting before use – 100ml can make 4L.

Add 25ml per 1 litre of water and mix the solution well. Using a fine mist, spray the tops and undersides of leaves and foliage generously, avoiding getting it on any flowers. The product works rapidly and quickly, eliminating any spider mites that come into contact with the solution.

This product dramatically reduces the ability of egg hatching, but a re-application after a few days will eradicate any hatchlings.

Always spray with the grow lamps off to mitigate any electrical hazard. Clean your light bulb if any spray gets onto it before switching it on.

This product is available in three sizes: a 750ml spray and a concentrate in 100ml and 250ml bottles. Please indicate your preference by using the drop-down menu above.

Where do I buy SMC Spider Mite Control?

You can easily buy SMC Spider Mite Control from our online store.

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