CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer

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CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer works during the vegetative and early blooming stages in hydroponic and coco and soil-based growing systems.

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CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer

CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer works during the vegetative and early blooming stages in hydroponic, coco, and soil-based growing systems.

The product has nitrogen in several forms; some are immediately bioavailable, and some are slow-release. This product is ideal if your plants look pale. Use this, and you’ll give your plants a noticeable boost to their appearance and a healthy aura that will last throughout their lives.

Mighty Growth Enhancer incorporates quite a few handy attributes and qualities, including the following:

  • Use this during the veg and early blooming phases of your plants
  • For use in hydroponic growing as well as soil and coco
  • Noticeably increases the area of leaves as well as light utilisation and interception
  • Increases the total yield at harvest
  • Boosts plant vigour in the vegetative phase
  • Enhances and increases carbohydrate and protein production

Advantages of CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer

Some additives do not have any apparent advantages. However, CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer has several notable ones. These include:

  • It is highly soluble and, therefore, easy to use
  • A great growth accelerator
  • An excellent foundation and basis for abundant blooming
  • Triggers carbohydrate and protein manufacture
  • It makes leaves and all foliage more luscious and greener
  • Very readily absorbed by plants
  • Works very well with other CX Horticulture products

Check out our growing advice article, “What are the best nutrients in Hydroponics” for further information.

How Does it Work?

This premium quality nutrient booster works during a plant’s vegetative and early blooming phases. It gives the plant a continual and sustained boost of nitrogen, which helps prevent deficiencies and the risk of disease or deformity. Plants use nitrogen faster than other elements, which can cause an imbalance in your nutrient solution. Deficiencies may result from this, such as yellowing leaves or growing pale. The steady stream of nitrogen caused by this product prevents that from happening.

This product enhances leaves and increases their surface area, making all foliage greener and improving how your plants use light. It also increases carbohydrate and protein manufacture. The plants are more robust and healthier. Mighty Growth Enhancer is the additive that professional growers use to achieve that healthy, finished sheen which is difficult to describe but impossible not to notice!

How to Use?

Use from the vegetative stage through to the second week of flowering. Shake the bottle before use. Prepare your nutrient solution as usual and add the product at a concentration of 1ml per litre of nutrient solution. Use a Bluelab pH Pen to check the pH levels and adjust as necessary.

Where Can I Buy CX Horticulture Mighty Growth?

You can easily buy CX Horticulture Mighty Growth from our online store.

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