Canna Terra Starter Kit


Elevate your hydroponic gardening with the Canna Terra Starter Kit. Designed for seamless plant nurturing, this kit includes Terra Flores and Vega for optimal growth and flowering, along with Rhizotonic for robust root development. Cannazym and Cannaboost ensure healthy substrate and vigorous flowering, complemented by PK 13/14 for enhanced fruit quality. Perfect for both beginners and experts, this kit is your key to a flourishing indoor garden.

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Embark on a Flourishing Journey with the Canna Terra Starter Kit: Your Gateway to Abundant Harvests

As you delve into the realm of hydroponic indoor gardening, the Canna Terra Starter Kit emerges as an indispensable ally. Tailored for urban gardening enthusiasts, this kit encapsulates the essence of comprehensive plant nourishment, catering to the entire growth cycle of fast-flowering annuals over a one m² area.

Kit Components: A Symphony of Growth Enhancement

  • Terra Flores (1 Litre): A specialised bloom-phase nutrient, Terra Flores invigorates fruit formation and embellishes flowers with vibrant hues and delectable flavours. As your plants herald their flowering stage, this nutrient steps in with a higher concentration of Potassium and Phosphorous, pivotal for fruit development and taste enrichment.
  • Terra Vega (250ml): Designed for the vegetative phase, Terra Vega ensures robust growth with healthy roots and shoots, forming the backbone of your plants. Its rapid nutrient absorption fosters swift growth, priming your plants for a bountiful harvest.
  • Rhizotonic (250ml): A root stimulator par excellence, Rhizotonic enriches the root environment with essential vitamins and nutrients, fortifying your plants against microbial threats and stressors.
  • Cannazym (125ml): This enzyme-rich formula is a game-changer in substrate maintenance, accelerating the decomposition of dead roots and paving the way for vigorous new growth.
  • Cannaboost (125ml): A metabolic accelerator, Cannaboost enhances flower and fruit quality, ensuring an even ripening process and a harvest that delights the senses.
  • PK 13/14 (50ml): A concentrated blend of Phosphorous and Potassium, PK 13/14 is the cornerstone of an exceptional flowering phase, significantly elevating fruit size and quality.

How Does This Product Work?

This Starter Kit functions as a holistic nurturing system, meticulously addressing each growth phase of your plants. From root development to flowering, each component plays a vital role in ensuring optimal growth conditions, thereby maximising the potential of your indoor garden.

How Do I Use This Product?

Using this kit is a seamless experience. Begin with Terra Vega during the vegetative phase, then transition to Terra Flores as flowering initiates. Rhizotonic, Cannazym, and Cannaboost are used throughout various stages for root stimulation, substrate maintenance, and metabolic acceleration, respectively. Introduce PK 13/14 during the peak flowering phase for that final flourish.

Why Choose the Terra Starter Kit?

  • Comprehensive Care: This kit offers a complete solution, covering every stage of plant growth.
  • Quality Assured: Each product is rigorously tested for efficacy and compatibility.
  • User-Friendly: Ideal for both novices and seasoned growers, with straightforward instructions.
  • Brand Legacy: Canna, a renowned name in hydroponic nutrition, stands behind this product, ensuring reliability and excellence.

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Pairing the Canna Terra Starter Kit with the Small Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit 60x60x140cm is a strategic move to elevate your indoor gardening experience. This compact, all-inclusive kit features a Green Box Grow Tent, an Elite Quantum LED EQ1000 Grow Light, an air extraction system, and essential accessories. Its optimal light usage, air purification, and temperature control complement the Canna Terra Starter Kit, creating an environment where plants can thrive. The synergy of these two kits unlocks a new level of efficiency and productivity in your hydroponic endeavours.

The Canna Terra Starter Kit, in combination with the Small Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit 60x60x140cm, offers a comprehensive solution for anyone passionate about urban gardening. From seedling to harvest, this duo provides all the necessary tools and nutrients for optimal plant growth and yield. Embrace this perfect blend of quality, efficiency, and ease of use to transform your indoor gardening experience. Start your journey to a lush, bountiful indoor garden today!

How can I buy the Canna Terra Starter Kit?

You can easily buy the Canna Terra Starter Kit here on our website.

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