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Embark on your hydroponic gardening journey with the Canna Coco Starter Kit. This comprehensive kit is your one-stop solution, packed with essential nutrients and additives to fuel a complete growth cycle of fast-flowering annual plants over one m² area. From fostering robust root growth with Rhizotonic to elevating flower production with PK13/14, this bundle’s creation propels a flourishing harvest. The inclusive Grow Guide and leaflets on pests, diseases, and deficiencies empower you with the knowledge for a greener thumb. Your voyage towards a bountiful harvest begins here.

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Embark on a Verdant Voyage with the Canna Coco Starter Kit: Your Hydroponic Growth Catalyst

Stepping into the realm of hydroponic gardening becomes an exhilarating venture with the Canna Coco Starter Kit. This bundle will be your green companion, unfolding a nurturing cradle for your fast-flowering annual plants, ushering in a thriving harvest over one m² area.

Unique Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Nutrient Suite: A meticulously curated blend of nutrients and additives, ensuring a balanced diet for your plants.
  • Starter-Friendly: Whether a novice or a seasoned Canna aficionado, find everything you need for a complete growth cycle.
  • Root to Bloom Care: From fostering robust root growth to elevating flower production, this kit is a journey of flourishing milestones.
  • Educative Inclusions: Comes with a Grow Guide, a Pests & Diseases Leaflet, and a Deficiency Leaflet, empowering you with knowledge for a greener thumb.
  • Quality and Metabolism Enhancer: With CannaBoost, elevate the overall quality and metabolism of your plants, steering towards a bountiful yield.

How Does This Product Work?

This Starter Kit is a reservoir of nourishment and care for your hydroponic garden. It embarks with Rhizotonic that lays a strong foundation by enhancing root growth. Followed by Cannazym, which refurbishes the substrate condition, creating a nurturing abode for your plants.

As your plants mature, PK 13/14 steps in to amplify flower production, setting the stage for a vibrant bloom. Lastly, CannaBoost propels the overall quality and metabolism, ensuring every bud and leaf thrives with vigour.

The iconic Coco A & B nutrients encapsulate all essential elements, orchestrating a symphony of growth and vitality that culminates in a champion harvest.

How Do I Use This Canna Coco Starter Kit?

Initiate your green voyage by following the included Grow Guide, which outlines a step-by-step approach to utilising the contents of this kit.

Dilute the Coco A & B nutrients and Rhizotonic as per the guide, and introduce them to your hydroponic setup to foster a robust root system and nourished growth. As your plants advance, incorporate Cannazym, PK 13/14, and CannaBoost, each playing a pivotal role in transitioning your garden from a budding stage to a full-blown flowering spectacle.

The Pests & Diseases and Deficiency Leaflets are your handy references to preemptively address common challenges, ensuring a smooth, thriving journey for your greens.

Recommended Products:

  • Canna Coco Natural: This high-quality coco coir substrate is ideal for hydroponic systems, especially when paired with the Canna Coco Starter Kit. It provides an excellent water-to-air ratio, ensuring that roots can access oxygen and nutrients. The consistency of Canna Coco Natural enables smooth nutrient uptake, creating a harmonious synergy with the nutrient solutions provided in the starter kit.
  • IWS Oxypot Bubbler DWC Hydroponic Starter Kit: A step into deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics, this starter kit provides an oxygen-rich environment for the roots, promoting rapid growth and high yields. When utilised alongside this Starter Kit, you have a well-rounded approach to hydroponic gardening. The nutrients from this beginner’s bundle can be efficiently absorbed in the DWC setup, promoting lush, vigorous growth.
  • Grove Bags Terploc Windowed Pouch: Post-harvest preservation is vital when maintaining the quality and potency of your produce. These pouches have a Terploc film that creates the perfect climate for storing harvested plants. After reaping the benefits of a thriving grow cycle with the Starter Kit, transition your bounty into these pouches. The windowed design allows for easy inspection while ensuring your harvest remains fresh and potent.

Combining these products with the Canna Starter bundle provides a comprehensive approach to your hydroponic gardening venture. From the initial stages of planting and nurturing in a conducive substrate to experiencing rapid growth in a DWC setup and finally ensuring the preservation of your hard-earned harvest, this ensemble of products crafts a seamless journey towards hydroponic gardening success.

How can I buy a Canna Coco Starter Kit?

You can easily buy a Canna Coco Starter Kit from our online store.

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