Shogun Geisha Foliar

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Shogun Geisha Foliar is a combination of specially blended foliar additives that initiate and assist the flowering receptors in increasing your crop yields.

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Shogun Geisha Foliar

Shogun Geisha Foliar is a combination of specially blended foliar additives that initiate and assist the flowering receptors in increasing your crop yields.

Its ingredients work in two distinct stages. During the vegetative stage, the product initiates more flowering sites, assists in plant metabolism and causes better water uptake. When used in the bloom phase, it helps flower and fruit growth, and the product acts as a messenger to initiate pathways within the plants to enhance a whole range of quality and yield aspects.

Geisha Foliar is an incredibly effective and efficient plant spray that contains a combination of ingredients that boost metabolism and greatly help in the flowering stage, especially when the plant starts its early budding phase.

Use of this product will help you get an overall healthier and larger crop at harvest, and it has several attributes and benefits:

  • Improves plant quality
  • Increases final crop size and yield
  • Greatly enhances flower and fruit growth
  • Creates a more significant number of flowering sites
  • Enhances plant metabolism
  • It works with Shogun Sumo Boost to improve this performance even more
  • Encourages uniform flowering/fruiting across the plant
  • It produces results in as little as 24 hours
  • No pH adjustment is necessary
  • No dilution is required as it is supplied ready for use
  • Apply on your plants every two weeks
  • Use during both vegetative growth stage and flowering stage
  • Increases water and nutrient uptake
  • Instils heat tolerance after spraying
  • Your plants will be noticeably greener and better hydrated.

Geisha Foliar is considered by many to be the product that makes the entire Shogun range stand out above the rest of the market in its impressive range of products. It has ingredients that will cause a noticeable upsurge in your plants’ metabolism. It contains boron and certain bio-activators, which escalate water uptake.

When used in the plant’s vegetative phase, it quickens the plant’s growth rate and causes more flowering sites to appear on the plant for impressive blooms. When used during the flowering stage, the product continues this increase in plant metabolism, which increases the growth of the plant’s fruits or flowers and simultaneously improves the quality.

How to Use?

Geisha Foliar is ready to use in its spray container. Do not dilute before using it; shake the bottle to mix the ingredients. Turn off grow lights before you use it, spray the leaves of your plants (both tops and undersides) and ensure that all the leaves are fully covered.

Note that if any runoff occurs, this indicates that you’re using a bit too much. Use it at approximately 300ml to 375ml for every square metre.

You should use the product every two weeks to maintain the product’s effects. It works during the entire course of a plant’s life to enhance the plant’s growth rate and improve the crop’s yields and quality.

Shogun recommends using Sumo Boost with Geisha Foliar for an even more significant effect. In this case, you should add 0.75ml to 1.5ml of Sumo Boost to your spray bottle, shake well, and you’re ready to go!

How do I buy Shogun Geisha Foliar?

You can buy Shogun Geisha Foliar directly from this website.

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