Mills Ultimate PK

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Mills Ultimate PK is a uniquely formulated phosphite-based bloom stimulant that works during the final weeks of a plant’s flower development.

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Mills Ultimate PK

Mills Ultimate PK is a uniquely formulated phosphite-based bloom stimulant that works during the final weeks of a plant’s flower development.

The phosphite is a very bio-available form that ensures robust development of root systems, correct nutrient uptake, and general healthiness in the later stages of the plant’s bloom.

This product works as a bulker, hardener and ripener to achieve a massive yield of the flowering crop. It is responsible for the best possible flavours and aromas, with larger, harder fruit.

Research and thorough testing in the field has ensured this product’s superior composition, and the makers have been at pains to ensure that this will enable your plants to bloom with a fantastic flourish.

Ultimate PK’s formula gives your plants all the nutrients they need during the ripening phase to produce more abundant fruit and a harder, more robust cell structure while ensuring superb aromas and flavours.

This product is versatile and works in any hydroponic or soil-based growing system. It has several handy features, and they include the following:

  • A fantastic yield of fruit and flowers
  • Powerful bloom booster
  • Enhanced aromas and flavours of plants to the maximum possible
  • Ensures a hardened and robust cell structure
  • Improves essential oil production
  • Enhances plant quality
  • It can act as a root system deep cleanser


The chemical composition of Ultimate PK is as follows:

  • Phosphate (as P2O5): 7.4%
  • Potassium (as K2O): 6.6%
  • Boron: 0.0100%
  • Copper: 0.0210%
  • Iron: 0.0480%
  • Manganese: 0.0160%
  • Molybdenum: 0.0010%
  • Zinc: 0.0080%

How to Use?

Use in the later phases of flowering. Its phosphate base increases the oxygen flow into the plant’s root system. Ultimate PK is soluble, which helps root growth and also to harden the plant’s cell structure. When your plants are in the bloom phase, they require considerably higher levels of potassium and phosphorus to grow larger, harder, stronger fruits.

Ultimate PK uses clean and highly water-soluble minerals and prevents diseases that may develop in the final stages of your plant’s growth cycles. It has been tested with all the standard growing media and is compatible with them.

Use this product at a concentration of 2ml per litre during the final two to four weeks of the plant’s flowering stage.

Store safely at room temperature. It should not be allowed to chill or freeze as this will impair its effectiveness as a highly efficient bloom-boosting agent. Do not allow this to get in contact with the eyes. Avoid breathing the fumes from this product and do not ingest it, as it is in danger of becoming corrosive and generally harmful to health. Avoid fire and any direct heat source. Avoid contact with the skin.

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You can easily buy Mills Ultimate PK from this website.

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