Mills Organics Bloom

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Mills Organics Bloom offers the ideal balance of nutrients for excellent flower development. Also known as Orga Bloom, this is 100% organic and is easily absorbed.

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Mills Organics Bloom

Mills Organics Bloom offers the ideal balance of nutrients for excellent flower development. Also known as Orga Bloom, this is 100% organic and is easily absorbed.

It is a unique source of the organic form of potassium, the element which is so crucial for flowering plants. Using this will reward you with much more extensive and weightier flowers with superb resin and terpene profiles. It is ideal for use in any hydroponic growing system as it includes the following features:

  • Greatly enhances plant metabolism and enzyme-driven development
  • Crucial for healthy flowering and flower mass
  • It helps prevent any mineral deficiencies
  • Provides higher than average levels of potassium in the formula
  • Produces larger and better yields at harvest
  • Very highly concentrated formula
  • It offers a unique source of potassium which is organic and immediately bio-available.
  • Produces noticeably heavier flowers
  • It helps create very heavy organic fruits
  • Provides immediately bio-available nutrients

How Does it Work?

Organics Bloom provides a well-balanced blend of organic goodness to promote healthy flowers. High concentrations of amino acids ensure good availability and absorption, which will boost your yields in an entirely natural way.

It contains organic potassium, an element that is essential for healthy and heavy fruit and flower growth. Mills use the highest quality plant material sourced only from organic products, extracts from sugar beet, kelp, potato and corn and organically-derived minerals. Their ingredients are all highly filtered, meaning the product can flow through any irrigation lines and not thicken in the process; it will always be consistent in its colouring and thickness from one batch to another.

They have the lightest molecular weight. The lighter the weight is, the faster the nourishment can be absorbed and made available, and the more rapid the plant’s growth. Their range is the nearest you’ll be able to get to a mineral nutrient yet still be considered organic. Their products are all noticeably high in carbohydrates, which is for the sake of providing maximum aroma and flavour, as well as the highest Brix (or sugar content) of fruit.

The simplicity of use is another reason to opt for Mills Organics; you only need three of their products at any one time, and you only need four bottles over the whole range. Last but surely not least, all Mills products are certified vegan and proudly carry the vegan society trademark.

How to Use?

Before mixing Organics Bloom, you should let the water sit for 24 hours or use a dechlorinating agent such as Ecothrive Neutralise because chlorine can harm and even kill the “friendly” bugs, which tend to be present in the substrate and the growing media.

Use this product from start to finish through your plants’ life cycle. It’s safe to do so. It also works as a foliar feed. Dilute it at a concentration of 2.5ml per litre of water and apply it with a hand-held spray container to release a fine mist.

Add this product before adding any boosters, base nutrients, and pH adjustments as necessary. Always mix when adding other products to ensure consistency. Work to a pH of 6.0 to 6.2.

Where Can I Buy Mills Organics Bloom?

You can easily buy Mills Organics Bloom from our online shop.

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