Hy-Gen BudLink

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Hy-Gen Budlink is a silica-based plant toughener additive that has been available now for 20 years. It allows plants to potentially be up to ten times stronger and more resilient to environmental stress, pests and diseases than if the product was not used.

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Hy-Gen Budlink

Hy-Gen Budlink is a silica additive for producing vigorous, robust, resilient plants and healthy, abundant growth.

Silicon is a vital element for achieving healthy plant growth. This product makes plants ten times stronger and more resilient to environmental stress, pests and diseases.

Budlink puts a waterproof layer of silica around the plant’s epidermal cell walls, giving your plants a good water supply in cases where not enough water has had a chance to get through to the plant tissues.

Silica increases both weight and bulk of flowers and fruit because of the improvements to cell structure and overall cell integrity. The problems you may have seen previously with branches snapping and not supporting the weight of an abundant crop will be a distant memory.

The silica in the product will strengthen branches and stems, which will, in turn, be able to support a much more bountiful harvest.

Budlink has several features and attributes, including the following:

  • It gives rise to robust cells and cell walls
  • Increases your harvest
  • Produces more vigorous, larger and more resilient plants
  • Fights pathogens
  • It helps plants with their immune response to environmental stress factors
  • Assists considerably with nutrient uptake
  • Creates much greener, lush foliage

With Budlink, you may notice that the leaf size and the stems increase simply by adding a couple of drops of the product over a few days. This process increases photosynthesis because the bigger leaf size can grab more of its fair share of available light.

It will also mean faster transport of minerals around the plant because of increased stem thickness. Budlink isn’t a hormonal product; it’s a plant builder that increases strength and improves immunity against pests and bacteria.

Always use it alongside your regular feeding regime. The product’s active ingredients work by embedding into the cell walls, increasing their strength and making the foliage thicker and greener.

It also works as a foliar spray, making a barrier against bacteria and insects and enhancing resilience. It will add weight to your crop and generally improve the quality and quantity of your yield.

How to Use?

Budlink works well in all growing systems and with most growing media. Add it whenever you add nutrients to your reservoir or tank.

You can use it for:

  • Seedlings and Cuttings
  • Flowering stage
  • Growing stage
  • Fruiting
  • Foliar spray
  • Soil

Use it at a concentration of 1ml to 4ml per litre. As a foliar spray, use at a concentration of 1ml 2ml per litre.

How Do I Buy Hy-Gen Budlink?

You can easily buy Hy-Gen Budlink from our website.

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